Friday, May 28, 2010

Just Talkin'

"Hold you Mom Mom"

"Hey Dada, nice house you got here."

"Dada, it's too bad you can't be my size."

"Mom, when were you a Johnston?"

"Keep both hands on the wheel Mom!  It's dangerous!"

William (trying to make his airplane noises):  "Mom, Mom!  I need your help!  I can't find my engine voice anymore!  I need to get it back!"
Mom:  "well, take a drink and try again." (he does this)
William:  "Mom, did you hear it!  It worked great.  I got my jet engine voice back!  We are ready for take off!"

"That's enough tv for now Mom Mom.  Turn it off and we can read books."

"Use your patience Mom.  You can do it, see!  Just takes a second."

"Snuggle me up with the covers Mom."

William:  "Mommmmmm, I really need to go home now. " 
Mom:  "Why do you need to go home so badly?"
William:  "Because I need to fly my airplanes.  I fly them every day and I have not had my turn to do that today yet.  They miss me."


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