Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little Olympian

LITTLE OLYMPIANS SPORTS CAMP:  Your preschooler will enjoy a variety of different sports while learning skills and sportsmanship. Children are introduced to activities including soccer, t-ball, kickball, basketball, lacrosse, and tennis.

I signed William up for a class called Little Olympians.  It's part of the Arlington county parks and recreation classes offered throughout the year.  This class is pretty popular and I was not able to get William enrolled for the winter session.  So, here we are trying it out in the spring!  So far, he really likes it and thinks the coach is funny.  

I have a child who absolutely loves his toys and can play at home for hours at a time.  He is most content in his world of airplanes, race cars, books and a good playground.  So, I am really cautious about over scheduling his activities.  However,  I was eager to try this particular class because it provides a good introduction to all kinds of sports.  Yes, he's only 3 and my expectations are low, but none the less, it's been a fun activity for him. 

William has school on Tuesdays but this was the only class session that would work with our schedule.  So, Tuesdays end up being a long day because he takes this class after I pick him up from a full day of preschool, but the session is only 8 weeks long.  He always looks forward to sports camp and always asks me "what will I get to play this time?"  Although he has a great time running around and trying out the different sports, he's pretty pooped by the time it's over.   I usually pack him a snack which he enhales on the way home!  

These pictures were all taken with my phone so they may not appear as clear as usual.  


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