Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Well folks, we had a great Memorial Day weekend this year but I didn't take one.single.picture.  Can you believe it?  I simply forgot.  I know, I know. shocking.  We were just running around so much that I never stopped to snap a few pictures. Not even on my phone.  But, here's the run down for the memory book.

1.  Saturday moon bounce birthday party for our nephew, Luke.  William bounced 4 hours straight and fell asleep at 7pm.

2.  Sunday we went to church and helped out in the "older 3s" room.  Then we went out for pizza with the Simmons family and played at the pool for 2 hours.  William crashed on the couch for a bit and then we headed over to the DiCamillos for dinner and playtime in the backyard.  William left with 3 new, large scratched up knees and a million tears.   He's going to be ok but "didn't want to see blood come out of his legs!"

3.  Monday we went to Nordstrom Rack to celebrate the holiday with some shopping. We also stopped by Walmart for some groceries, Band Aids (see #2 knee post), and a couple new airplanes.  We came home to play airplanes for awhile and then we headed over to the Lungrens' house for a backyard bbq.  William asked me, "does Jack's house have a backyard and a garage?"  William thinks he's hit the jackpot when he encounters both a backyard and a garage.  Needless to say, tonight was the golden ticket.



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