Monday, September 20, 2010

Eastern Market and Navy Museum

Saturday morning Dan had the brilliant idea to head down town to Eastern Market, a D.C. flea market, to feast on their famous blue buck pancakes and explore the Navy museum.  So we headed out early because the line for blue bucks can be 30 minutes long if you get there after 8:30ish.  Luckily, we were there in time to wait only 15 minutes.  Totally worth it.  Delicious!

Afterwards, we headed to the Navy yard to explore their impressive museum.  I wish we had a much more patient kiddo with us because there was SO MUCH to read and it was very interesting.  William was great, but like any youngster, "you've seen one ship, you've seen them all."  However, don't be discouraged.  We did find an airplane exhibit in the museum and that of course made the trip worth it to Pilot Barron. 

The real  show stopper was the U.S.S. Barry, Navy destroyer.  It is docked out on the Potomac and you can climb aboard for a tour.  William thought this was very cool.  He really liked winding in and out of all the tiny nooks and crannies within the bottom of the ship. 
A great Saturday morning outing for us! 


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