Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oklahoma adventures

We had a great 3 week trip to OKC to visit our families, friends and soak up some down time.  For as long as we were away, I didn't end up taking a ton of pictures.  It's not like we were running a mile a minute, but since I was on vacation, my camera was on vacation too and unless I remembered to pull it out, I just didn't obsess about snapping a ton of pictures.  However, I will post the best ones I got!

William enjoyed being "home" with his grandparents and all the toys in their houses!  He got to spend time playing with Bubba and Gram (dan's parents) and digging through all of dada's old toys from when he was a little boy.  Yes, there were airplanes in the mix! 

The first Saturday we were in town, my parents and the 3 of us went to Tulsa to the Tulsa Air and Space Museum.  It was great!  The museum is the perfect size for ages 3 and up.  William got to fly airplanes on the computer simulator, climb into a fighter jet, push buttons on the air traffic control desktop and so much more.  He LOVES seeing the model commercial airliners so he spent a great deal of time looking into the glass cases at all of the old fashioned American Airlines planes.  Before we left, he bought a space shuttle t-shirt that glows in the dark.  awesome.

We met several of my old friends at the park and William got the chance to play with their kids.  He even remembered several of them which I always find amazing since we are only in town a few months out of the year.  He had a blast running, sliding, climbing, jumping, and digging in the sand.  We also met a friend at the Bounce House for a morning of bouncing our boys!  William LOVES going there and he was delighted to remember Jack, one of his favorite Okc buddies!

One special Saturday, my dad (Pops) took William on a trip to Tinker Air Force Base to tour the hangars full of fighter jets.  One of my dad's patients works at Tinker and he was kind enough to meet them in 100 degree heat for a few hours on the grounds.  My dad said William used impeccable manners while talking to John and asked hundreds of technical questions which John thought was quite impressive for a 3 year old!  Way to go William!  Thanks Pops for making our little guy's dreams come true!  You are the best Pops we know!

We also got to love on our favorite Baby Elin, my brother's daughter.  William LOVES her and Elin just beams when she sees William.  She loves him too.  They are so sweet together and William taught her how to fly airplanes around the house, so this became a favorite activity for both kiddos!  They also played in the hose together and threw a pajama party.  Rockin' times with the tots.

We also spent a wonderful afternoon with Meme.  Meme is William's great grandmother (my mom's mom).  Trivia -I had the chance to pick W's bday (scheduled c-section) and I never hesitated for Feb. 7th because I thought it would be so fun for my favorite Meme and my son to share their birthdays.  So these two clowns are February 7th soulmates!  Meme is 88 years old, an avid swimmer who does water aerobics every morning, loves cookies, has a sharp wit, gets on the floor to roll around with the kids, plays bridge and could give you a run for your money on her energy level.  She rocks and she's 88 years young.  She and my grandpa Mac (90 and equally impressive) are incredible dancers too.  Amazing.  You should really see them in action.

We also went to Hanston Kansas during our trip to OKC.  William got to visit his Gram's birthplace and meet tons of aunts, uncles and cousins whom he'd never met.  This trip will be in a different post with many pictures!  So stay tuned.

To wrap up our vacation, my sister Rachel came into town over Labor Day weekend.  William got to trick her with the whoopee cushion and spend many a moment flying airplanes with her.  Thanks for coming home Rachie! 


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