Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Grace Episcopal School Open House

Today was William's open house day for Grace Episcopal School.  It's a small private school in Alexandria with grades preschool - 5th.   William is one of 22 kids in the preschool and he'll go every day from 8:30am until noon.  Tomorrow is the first official day of school.
On the way there I explained that today was not going to be a play day at school but rather a day to see the room, meet his teachers, and tour the library, playground etc.  It was only going to last 1 hour and I was going to stay the whole time.  He was fired up and excited to see all the new kids in his class.

When we got there, he raced inside without hesitation and took a seat on a carpet square by his teacher, Mrs. Young.  She asked everyone their name beginning with William and he spoke right up and said, "My name is William Bradley Barron and I love Americans!"  I busted out laughing and explained to everyone in the room that he loves American Airlines.  It was funny, but William didn't crack.  He just said, "yea, I love American Airlines."
Mrs. Young talked to the kids about their day and everything that was going to happen tomorrow.  William remembered that she has a set of airplanes and tons of blocks.  However, all the toys, markers, play dough, books, etc. were missing from the room.  This was on purpose since today was more of a "see the school day" without those fun distractions.  William said, "Excuse me Mrs. Young.  Where are all the books and the toys.  Are we going to play today?  I am ready."  Mrs. Young told him that the toys were gone for the day, but tomorrow they would fill the shelves like magic.  William was totally let down.  He hung his head and made a bee line for me and loudly and sadly said, "Mom Mom, they don't have any toys here for us!"  Everyone chuckled and he cried into my shoulder softly.  I reassured him that tomorrow there would be tons of toys.  The assistant teacher came over and also talked to William about all of the colorful activities that he'd get to do in the morning.  After a second, William put on his brave face and headed back to the circle with the other kids.
We toured the chapel, music room, indoor rec room (big room used for events and play when it rains), and the library.  The librarian sang the kids a song and explained that she would see them upstairs on Wednesdays.  William piped right up and said, "What's upstairs?"  She told him the music room.  Then she said that she'd see the children 3 days a week.  William said, "Excuse me.  What about day 4?"
We returned to the classroom where the kids got their school bags and wrapped up their visit.  I never thought William would be so outspoken!  He was the most talkative kid in the whole bunch.  It was really fun to stand back and watch him follow Mrs. Young's directions and interact with the other kids.  I could see his spirit just glowing and his love for school and friends.  I am so thankful.  I COULD NOT have asked for a better trial run.  To think I was so nervous that he wouldn't like it or concerned that he'd freak out at the door before going inside without me........I am so thankful!  

I will admit it was certainly a proud mommy moment for me.  I felt so fulfilled as a parent just watching William use his manners, holding his buddy's hand, listening to adults, and showing his excitement for what the future holds.   I felt like everything his dada and I have taught him just shined in that moment.  As I always tell him, he is indeed my very best boy.


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