Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of School - SUCCESS!

What I gathered from the first day -

1.  Wore his fast tennis shoes so he could climb up the rock wall and go down the biggest slide
2.  Ate crackers for a snack and could have either orange juice or water.  He picked water because he only likes milk and water.
3.  Played with the airplanes and made a real airport and shared millions of airplanes with the other kids.
4.  Cried just a little because he couldn't pick the story for today but maybe another day or the next day after that.
5.  The play kitchen has lettuce and a telephone.
6.  He sat by Mrs. Young and "some girl" at snack time.
7.  He went to the bathroom all by himself.
8.  He had the longest school day of all the schools but can't wait to go tomorrow!
9.  Didn't go to music or library today
10. So glad I brought him some lunch because he was so hungry after playing with all those kids and running around.
11.  Went into the wrong classroom but used his listening ears and got out.
12.  Put candles in his play dough like a real birthday cake.


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