Thursday, March 31, 2011

William's interview about Adeline

 William "BIG BROTHER" Barron, age 4 -

Where was Adeline born? - in the hospital in room 31

What was your favorite thing about coming to the hospital? - seeing baby Adeline

What did you buy Adeline and then bring to the hospital for her? -  a dress

How many days did Adeline stay in the hospital? - 3 days

What are you going to teach Adeline? - how to talk and how to play with me

What is your favorite thing about Adeline? -  playing with her and holding her on the donut pillow and my show and tell poster that I made with her pictures on it

What kind of toy do you think she'll play with the most? -  dolls

What color of hair do you think she'll have? -  black

What will Adeline be when she grows up? - a mommy

What's her favorite color? - pink and purple

What color of eyes do you think she will have? -  blue

When Adeline is older, what do you want to play with her? - airplanes

What is Adeline's favorite thing to wear? -  the dress I got her

What is Adeline's favorite thing to eat? -  milk in a tiny baby bottle

How much does Adeline sleep? - a lot!


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