Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dallas with Hollis and Boys Weekend

 On May 2nd, my cousin, Meredith, had a baby girl, Hollis Ranell Wrighton. I desperately wanted to meet little Hollis, so Adeline and I flew to Dallas last Thursday for a long weekend.  My parents, along with my brother, his wife and my sister, all joined in on the weekend extravaganza and drove the 3 hours to Dallas to meet up with us.  What a fun reunion!

This was Adeline's very first airplane trip and as you can imagine, her big brother was jumping out of his skin on her behalf.  "Mom Mom, call me when you are walking down the Jetway to get on the plane.  Is Adeline SOOOOOOO excited or what?"  William LOVES for me to recount the story of his very first plane trip and the special certificate he received from the pilots who flew him to OKC; therefore, he probably asked me a million times to make sure that she received her "First Flight" certificate upon landing in Dallas.   And for the record, she was P.E.R.F.E.C.T. on the flight.  She slept 2 hours and then she took a bottle and played for the rest of the flight.  I am SO thankful that I have kids who love to fly!
Ok, so we landed in Dallas on Thursday around noon and Pops and Bebe were there to pick us up.  We headed straight to lunch where we met up with Meredith and got our first glimpse of sweet baby Hollis!  She's a DOLL.  Seriously, she looks like a doll.  Meredith said she weighs 7 lbs 13 oz which is what Adeline was at birth.  It was a real hoot sizing them up against each other!  Hollis is so dainty and has such delicate, pretty little features.  You'd never guess such a loud voice could come out of such a tiny little girl.  I could just stare at her all day!
We got to go back to Meredith's house and see Hollis' adorable nursery.  We let the babies kick around and then we had some fun with a photo shoot in the living room.  It was hilarious to watch the girls sit on the couch and look at each other....well, Adeline spent a lot of time staring at Hollis and Hollis spent most of the time sleeping.  I am sure we'll treasure these pictures for years to come!  It is SO FUN to have baby girls just 7 weeks apart! LOVE the timing!

Our family troop spent the rest of the weekend knocking around Northpark, Snider Plaza and stuffing our faces with super tasty food!
While I was having a grand ol' time in Dallas, William and Dan were back in D.C. having "Boys Weekend 2011."  And man did they party hard.  I don't think my boys ever stopped moving!  William had the time of his life (despite me leaving town the morning of his 103 degree fever) and called me a few times to report on their adventures.  Here's a list of what they tackled in the 3 days I was gone.

  • school
  • spray park
  • IMAXX movie downtown
  • Air and Space museum
  • jazz fest in the botanical gardens downtown
  • Mexican food
  • Chinese food
  • jake's party in the park
  • an afternoon of swimming with the Lungrens
  • swim lessons
  • doctor's appointment
  • flew airplanes
  • hung out around the fountains at Shirlington
I returned late Saturday night and my boys were so happy to see me....well, maybe Adeline stole the show.  William couldn't stop patting her.  He really missed her!  And then he told me this -

William: "Mom Mom, I missed you so much more than infinity."
Me:  "Oh William.  I missed you more than infinity google."
William: "Oh May May, infinity google is not a number!  You know what?  You are my best girl ever.  Do you know why?  It's because you have beautiful hair and you love me and you always tell me the best things." 
Me: (just smiling and hoping that I never forget this sweet, innocent conversation)

and then he says to me -

William: "So Mom Mom, can we do boys weekend again?  Can you please go away for a long time?"


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