Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Adeline is 4 months old!

Miss Adeline Hendry Barron, you are now 4 months old!  I cannot believe it.  You are growing like a weed and your personality is as scrumptious as your chubby thighs.  Oh how we love and adore every single ounce of you!  
Adeline, you are 16 pounds, wear a size 3 diaper, a size 3/6m dress and a size 6-9m one piece outfit.  I have moved you to 9m pjs because I feel like your toes get  a little crammed at the bottom of the footie pjs.  The 9m size is big, but you have some wiggle room and seem to be comfy in them at night.  You go to bed around 7pm and wake up around 4am for a bottle.  Then you go back to bed until 6:45-7:15am.  You have given up the sleep sack because you like to stretch out in your bed and during the night, I can hear you thrashing around.  You like to move in your sleep or else you have some busy dreams!  I also think you have a favorite blanket because you love to put it right next to your face when you are tired.  So far, it's not a crutch to sooth you, but nevertheless, you prefer this blanket over the others.  Your eyes are still blue, but not as bright blue as when you were born.  Your hair is still dark, but it is thinning out on the sides which has left you with a mohawk.  I can still manage to get a tiny bow in your hair, but it doesn't stay in long.  I sure hope your hair grows back as thick as it was the day you were born!  What a great surprise that was for mommy!   You also look a lot like your big brother!
The doctor told me you have a very mild case of eczema, so I am treating it with cream.  It doesn't seem to bother you, but I am holding my breath that it is not a major sign of allergies.  At 4 months, you can start rice cereal, but I have decided to wait another month now that I know you have eczema.  You love your bottles and take about 8 ounces of formula every 4 hours or so.  If I am holding you and carrying around the bottle, you will open your mouth up really wide and fish around for the nipple until I hand it over.  You are SO close to holding your own bottle and love to move the bottle in and out of your mouth at your own pace.  
You are also VERY close to sitting up on your own.  You really prefer to be upright instead of on your back.  You will sit up with a pillow behind you and reach out for your toys that are in front of you.  We'll play with your ball for a long time.  You love to hold it and when I say, "where's your ball?"  you sometimes lift it up in the air with a big smile on your face.  One of my favorite things is putting you either on the couch or on the bed so you are sitting up and then I can be on the floor at eye level.  We'll chat and play with your toys for a LONG time.  You will smile, babble, lift up your rattles, etc.  I just love it.  It's fun to talk with you and see your face light up when I laugh with you.
You found yourself in the mirror.  Dada has been showing you yourself in the mirror and a few weeks ago, you understood you were looking at yourself and Dada.  Oh how you just beam and giggle when you see your face in the mirror.  You want to touch the mirror and press your face next to the person who is holding you up to see your reflection.  I always end up kissing those big ol' cheeks of yours! 
You are still not a big fan of the car seat.  You cry a frustrated cry when we are in the car and sometimes you can really let me have it.  If William is in the back seat with you, you are much more content to ride along.  Perhaps when you can face forward, you will like the car better.  I think you get a little scared because you cannot see me.
You are William's most prized possession (next to airplanes of course) and the heart of your mama and dada.  Every morning you greet us with a smiling face and shrieks of excitement.  You LOVE to talk.  You babble all the time and in fact, you found your scream the other day.  It was priceless.  You let out a big scream and your eyes got as big as saucers.  You smiled from ear to ear like, "wow, did I just do that?"  and then you let out another scream.  You scream for fun, you scream when excited, you scream and shriek just to hear yourself!  It's really funny and you just smile the whole time you are making noise!  William will sometimes scream (softly) back at you and when he does this, you guys start a screaming conversation.  You belly laugh when William softly screams and you don't miss a beat by screaming right back at him.  It's cute to watch, but I am sure it will eventually cause mom mom a headache!

You love your exersaucer and play in it several times a day.  Many times I find you talking to the toys and trying to bite on the teethers.  You like the swing just fine, but you LOVE your play mat.  You'll lay on it for a long time just batting at the hanging toys and babbling to yourself.
I realize I have two different children and I love each of you with every ounce of my being.  But, I can't help but compare your mannerisms at this young age. It's fun to see how my two babies are so different.   First, you put anything in your mouth.  William NEVER put stuff in his mouth.  You also go to bed much easier than William.  Once you are sleepy, but not totally asleep, I can put you in your bed and you are content to drift off to sleep on your own.  I love to hold you, but I realize this method works for you and many times if you are really tired, you prefer to stretch out in your bed rather than me holding on to you.  William always preferred to be rocked and held to sleep.....he would wake up or scream the second I placed him in the crib if he was the slightest bit awake.  You are also a talker.  Must be the girl in you.  You love to scream, babble, holler, etc.  William did those things too, but you are much louder at this age!   
I love every single phase of babyhood and with every passing month, I just yearn to freeze time.  I LOVE to hold you.  I LOVE to feel your chubby cheeks on my face, I LOVE to squeeze your legs, I LOVE to bury my face in your neck and smell you.  I LOVE giving you kisses.  I LOVE squeezing your body tight and whispering in your ears.  I LOVE to sit and look at you sleeping so still and peaceful.  You belly laugh and smile as big as the sun when I love on you.  I hope you remember.  I hope one day a moment in your life will make you pause and take you back to THIS MOMENT when your mom mom stared at you in complete thankfulness and hugged you with all her might.  Oh to love you Adeline.  It's my greatest joy.


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