Friday, October 28, 2011

Adeline is 7 months old!

Dearest Adeline,

You are 7 months old!  Growing like a weed.  Happy as the sun.  A roly poly of cuddly cuteness.

This month you are 20 lbs and wear a size 5 diaper.  I upgraded you on the diaper size because those chubby little legs of yours were pretty tight in the size 4.  Depending on sizing, your clothes are 6-9m or 9-12m.  Pjs are 12m or sometimes 18m depending on the brand (I don't like them really tight on you).  Your eyes are a dark blue and your hair is getting thicker each day.  It is not black anymore, but it has stayed brown.  Your eczema seems under control and the only place you seem to itch is the crease right by your ankle.  You have a little eczema on your forehead and you like to scratch it while you drink your bedtime bottle.  I have to work with you on keeping your hands off your head!!
You are also working on some new teeth.  The top two center teeth are poking through your gums and you are busy chewing on your toys to help out the two teeth trying to come in on the bottom sides.  You are constantly drooling and desperate to bite on your teething beads and soft toys.  Luckily, you sleep well at night and the new teeth don't seem to bother you then.  WHEW!

You LOVE to sit up and play with all your toys.  You can work the controls on your light up table and you still giggle when you see your baby dolls.  You like to hold their hands and poke their eyes while smiling from ear to ear.  You can roll all over the place and I have to keep my eyes on you now because rolling around has become your way of getting where you need to go.  You still don't have interest in crawling, but you will tolerate being on your tummy so much more than you did a few months ago.  You like toys that play music and light up, but you also LOVE to watch William zoom around the house.  I think he's taught you how to holler because you are LOUD girl!  I watch you study William while he talks to you and I can tell that you want so badly to talk back to him - so you holler and wave your hands in the air.  You also love to play with William and your favorite activity is patting him on the back or pulling his hair.  He gets a kick out of it and laughs along with you.

You sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time this month and you LOVED it.  You sit at the table, bang your hands on the table and scream with sheer delight.  You have arrived at the party and simply enjoy being a part of the table conversation.  Since sitting in the high chair, you have also found a bird's eye view in the shopping cart seat.  It's a great way for me to get my shopping done because you are so entertained by your surroundings. 
You laugh a deep belly laugh and get a real kick out of rubbing your feet together and wiggling your toes.  You babble all the time and say things like "BABABABA" and "DAAAAA" - so close to "DADA!"  
Baby food and your pacifier are still your best friends.  You eat like a champ and never miss a meal.  Raspberries are the only food that make you break out so far.  Not sure if it's an allergy or not, but we'll put those aside for now!  Your favorite foods are the "orange" family - squash and carrots.  But, you also love a good bowl of peas too.  The overall winner on your plate are the graham cracker crumbs.  You think those are the BEST EVER and wave your legs around in pure delight.
I started giving you water from a sippy cup and at first you were not a big fan.  You'd push it away because you'd rather have your bottle.  But, I cut the opening of the sippy cup nipple so the water would flow out faster and that seemed to do the trick.  Now you really like to take a few swigs of water throughout the day and you understand exactly what cup gives it to you.
You are still riding in your infant carrier even though you clearly are too big now.  You still fit in it, but I can't carry it anymore because it is so heavy!!  I want to switch you to the big girl seat, but I am going to wait until we move (in 1 week) to do that.  So for now, I just leave the carrier in the car and move you in and out of it. 
You are SUCH A HAPPY LITTLE BABY!  I thank my lucky stars every single day for you Adeline.  You are my answered prayer, a testament of my faith.  We love you beyond the stars and can't wait to see what month 8 brings.


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