Monday, October 31, 2011

Grace Episcopal Junior K Halloween Party 2011

Today was William's Halloween party for his JK class at Grace Episcopal.  The kids wore their costumes to school and took a change of clothes once the party and costume parade were over.  I am a room parent again this year, so Adeline and I were prepared to show up for the fun!  

I first brought Adeline downstairs in her smocked Halloween dress, but William was insistent that she wear her costume.  He said, "Mom, whyyyyyyy is Adeline wearing that dress?!!!  She is suppose to be in her pumpkin costume for my school party.  It's a costume party Mom."  duh.
So, I put Adeline in her pumpkin costume and I must admit, she was ADORABLE.  William's party was a hit.  He was so excited and proud to be in his costume.  All of his friends had fun eating their Halloween snack together.  It was a quick party and over in about 45 minutes.  Adeline was SO tired because the outing caused her to miss her best nap of the day (morning nap).  So, we escaped out the door pretty quick and my little pumpkin fell asleep as soon as we got in the car.  
Side Note - William's teachers came up to me and told me how much they are going to miss William.  They told me what a joy he is in their class and how he sets an example on what it means to be a friend.  I almost cried.  I am so appreciative for their leadership in the classroom and offering those kind words about my little boy.  They told me to expect a few bumps in the road during his transition to a new school, but also reminded me how at this age, kids just love to have playmates and welcome new faces.  I am hoping that will be the case, but I know William also loves having friends around.  So, I do think he'll enjoy being at school and filling his days with fun activity.  


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