Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from our Army Man and Lil' Pumpkin - 2011


William could hardly wait for the clock to strike 6pm so we could hit the streets for TRICK O TREATS!  He reminded me several times that this year is Adeline's very first Halloween and her very first time to trick-o-treat.  He was SO EXCITED for her to experience all the fanfare of Halloween.  I don't know who he was more excited for - himself or his sister!!  It was so very sweet to hear him talk about how much he hoped she would have fun wearing her costume and getting candy in her pumpkin bag.  Simply melts my heart to see William at 4.5 years old looking out for his little sister and truly relishing all of her "firsts."
Today is also Dan's last day at work, so he has been SO BUSY trying to tie up all the loose ends in the office.  I knew there was a good chance he'd miss out on trick-o-treating this year.  HISS BOO.  Not to mention that Halloween is the single most HORRIBLE TRAFFIC day for Washington, DC.  All the parents want to get home early to take their kids out so the traffic is usually gridlock starting at 4pm.  One Halloween was so bad that Dan turned around and went back to the office instead of sitting for a hour in the traffic.  It stinks.  And,  it just kills me when our Dada can't be with us on special days like this one.  I want him to see how cute the kids look in their costumes and the genuine smile on William's face when he races back to me with a hand full of candy.  
The evening was crisp, so I bundled Adeline up even though her pumpkin costume is pretty warm.  She usually goes to bed around 6:30pm, but we planned on meeting our friends, Lucy and Frank at 6pm in the parking lot.  Once I got the kids all ready, William wanted to hit a few houses while we waited for Lucy.  So, a couple Snickers later we found our football friends and together, we set out to strike it rich. 
I heard William whisper to Lucy, "Did you see my baby?  Isn't she the cutest little pumpkin you have ever seen?"  Proudest Mommy Moment E.V.E.R.

I think we covered almost all of Windgate and William finally had to give me his basket to carry because it was getting heavy and about to overflow.  Adeline fell asleep during the fun and we stayed out for almost 2 hours.  There are lots of little kids in the neighborhood and William had a GREAT time watching the other children and seeing their costumes.  He just loves kids and didn't hesitate to tell strangers how cool their costumes looked.  He also got TONS of compliments from people handing out candy.  They loved how authentic his costume was with the name plate and patches.  Some even asked me where I got the costume and if it was real.  Yea Dada for putting together a winner!
William was very proud of his loot, so we hit a few houses on our townhouse row before calling it a night.  Once we got home, he couldn't stop talking about how much fun he had and how it's "so hard to wait for a fun holiday for 395 days again."  Oh to be a kiddo!
There was one moment today when I looked at William all dressed up in his big ol' army man uniform with the clunky boots just smiling and proudly walking up to doors saying, "Happy Halloween! Thanks for the candy."  That moment is emblazoned in my heart forever.  I can't explain it really.  It was just THAT MOMENT when childhood shines through and as a parent, it just takes you back.  And you see your baby who isn't a baby anymore but now a kid who really understands the magic and excitement of Halloween.
I saw my little boy in all his innocent glory and I just want that small moment to last for years. 


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