Saturday, October 29, 2011

Grace Episcopal School Halloween Party 2011 and Jake's 5th birthday party

 Today we had a double header of costume fun.  This year for Halloween, William is an army guy.  Dada had a great time (and I often wonder if Dada wants to wear the costume) looking for the perfect camouflaged army man uniform.  Cousin Nancy is in the Air Force and she was able to get William a personalized name patch for his costume too.  And, baby girl is not to go unnoticed in this post, but we just didn't get a good picture of her in the costume today.  Adeline is a pumpkin and the most precious in the patch.  More pics to come.
 So first off, we went to cousin Jake's 5th birthday party.  It was a costume party and it was suppose to be outside with a bounce house.  However, a cold front brought us rain and SNOW.  Can you believe it?  We got snow before Halloween.....YIKES!  Luckily, the snow didn't stick, but the weather changed the birthday plans.  The show went on inside Jake's house with games and a face painter.  William loves face paint.  He won't wear a costume with a mask or stand next to a "character" or mascot, but the kid embraces face paint every chance he gets.  Go figure.

He stepped right up and asked for a full camouflaged face.  You can tell he's thrilled with the results!
After a great time at Jake's, we headed home to regroup for the school Halloween carnival.  We rested about 1 hour and then loaded the army man and pumpkin back into the car for round two of costume parties.  William loves the carnival at his school.  It's put on by the parents and is very basic.  However, the kids have a great time playing games, winning prizes and exploring the haunted house.  Adeline was a champ and EVERYONE complimented her cuteness.  She was wide eyed the first 30 minutes and you could just tell she was like, "what in the world is this?"  Bless her heart, she's a baby who likes to go to bed around 6:30pm and this party started at 6:30.  oh well.  She was too stimulated to sleep, but by 8pm, she sank into my arms.  

William dropped us at the door.  He was Mr. Cool and we were at HIS school with HIS friends and yeah man, the JK crowd.  He hit the room like he owned the place and spent most of the night running around like a nut, chasing his friends and on rare occasion, glancing over at us with a nod.  Oh man, I think I got a taste of my big boy on campus.  He played a few games and at the end of the night, William got a huge surprise. 
He guessed the right number of candy corn in the witch jar!!!!  His first real win (sorta).  He was so proud and excited!  In case you are wondering, William guessed 100 candy corn but oops!  I must have heard him incorrectly because I accidentally wrote down 392.  Shhhhhh!  
By 8:30pm, we had a sacked out pumpkin and a sugar loaded soldier.  So we packed up and headed home.  It was a great day celebrating Halloween and a successful trial run for Monday night!


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