Monday, November 12, 2012

Adeline is 19 months

Miss Adeline,

You are 19 months old.  You wear a size 7 diaper and 24/2T clothes.  You can still wear some 18 month clothes (mostly dresses), but I don't think they'll last much longer.  You are in the 95%tile for height.  You wear a size 6.5 medium shoe and you LOVE your white and pink Keds.  You call them your "tennies" and when you wear them, you love to run and march around the house.  They must feel pretty good on your feet!

Your hair is getting longer and you finally sit still long enough for me to style it.  My favorite thing is putting your hair up in pigtails with hair bows.  You really like it and when I am done, you look in the mirror and say, "Adeline CUUUTTTEEE!"  Then you smile a huge ol' grin and flash me your crooked front teeth that are coming in at different lengths....a little hillbilly, but terribly cute if you ask me. 

At 19 months, you are a little tornado.  You leave NOTHING alone.  Every room you walk into, you destroy.  You don't break things, but you are SO SO SO curious and busy.  You want to see, touch and observe everything in your path.  I use to follow you around and pick up behind you, but I finally gave up.  It's easier to let you explore and destroy all day long and then pick it all up when you go to bed!

  I cannot take my eyes off you for a second because you are very smart and you could figure out how to escape from a straight jacket if I let you.  Your dexterity amazes me.  You know how to open and close doors, rifle through the pantry for the exact snack you want to eat and then open the box and the packaging, you can buckle and unbuckle your car seat straps, put your shoes on and take them off, and twist open a loose bottle cap.  Imagine all those things happening in a matter of 1 minute and you will understand why life with my little tornado keeps me on my toes.

Your vocabulary is wild.  You now have 2 and 3 word phrases.  Just the other day, you started saying "Mama watch!" "Adeline hungry" "I like it!" "Mama look big building" "my turn" "hold you Mama" "Adeline do it" "Adeline play toy" and a few other things.

You still don't say "yes."  Instead, your "yes" is the word, "Okay."  You say "okay" like a cheerleader and with great enthusiasm.  It makes me smile every time and I get a kick out of it.  Your eyes light up and you smile really big.

Your new favorite toy is a set of real keys that Dada made for you.  He got tired of you always taking his keys and leaving them somewhere in the house for him to find.  So, he made you a set at the Home Depot and you love them.  In fact, you never let them out of your sight!  When you are not willing to sit in your car seat and kick and scream, we can give you those keys and then all is right with the world. 



You have discovered books and love to "read" any book you get your hands on.  Most of the time, we look at the pictures and you point to objects when I say, "where is......."  We talk about the pictures and don't always make it to the end of the book, but that is just fine with me.  Reading books with William was one of my favorite things and we'd sit for hours going through stacks of books from the library.  I am thrilled that you are finally figuring out the fun in looking at picture books. 

Adeline, you are always SO SO happy.  Your teachers always tell me what a ham you are and how much you crack them up.  They tell me it's not even like you are doing anything hilarious at the just randomly start laughing this huge ol' belly laugh and next thing you know, you have everyone happy!  You LOVE to laugh and you chuckle and belly laugh ALL the time.  We won't even be doing anything in particular and you will just bust out laughing.  It is contagious and makes my day perfect.   I want to bottle up your laughter and keep it with me all the time.  I pray I will NEVER forget the sound of your laugh and the way you look when you are beaming ear to ear with a chuckle coming deep from your gut.  It is music to my ears.

Speaking of music, you know lots of tunes!  You can sing your ABCs clearly, you can sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with hand motions, you ask me to sing Jesus Loves Me a lot, you can sing Old McDonald with animal noises, you love to do the hand motions to If You're Happy and You Know It or as you call it, "Happy know it," and you like to sing Mr. Golden Sun while twisting and turning in circles.  There have been many times we've been in the car and you randomly bust into song.  They can keep you entertained for awhile!

You say things like "hold you mama" and "love Adeline" (Mama loves Adeline), and you spend time playing with your babies.  You love to push them in your stroller.  You put your chew bead necklace around your wrist like a bracelet, wear my purse on your shoulder and push your grocery cart around the house.  You often say "Bye! See ya!" when you play this game.

You have a love/hate relationship with your car seat.  Some days it can be a fight to get you to sit down and other times, you hop on up in your chair.  Go figure.  You buckle yourself up and then spend the car ride telling me "Adeline stuck!" and showing me that you cannot get your buckle undone.  Ha!  I have awhile before you figure that one out.

Your teachers at school tell me how much you love to play, laugh and sing.  You enjoy the sandbox and music class the most.  Each day when I pick you up, you are happy and full of smiles.

You have never met a food you didn't like - except bananas.  You gag every time you try one. 

It goes without saying my Adeline......this Mama thinks you are tops!  I thank my lucky stars every single day that God gave me YOU!  I am amazed by the baby you were, the toddler you have become and I simply savor the seconds I have you in my arms.  You are a dream come true and every bit a bundle of joy!



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