Friday, November 2, 2012


Believe it or not, this is the ONLY picture I took all night. 

Happy Halloween 2012

During my "nesting" phase, I made Adeline a sparkle tutu and dreamed about how cute she'd look as a ladybug for Halloween.  I found adorable wings at JoAnns and I spent several days showing her the costume and telling her how cute it would look on her. 

Then Halloween came along.

Adeline was NOT going to wear her costume even if I bribed her with 10 lollipops.  She refused.  I wrestled her into the costume for 1.5 seconds in the hopes of getting a family picture to remember Halloween 2012.  As you can see, mom lost.

Let's just say my Adeline was more of a bug than a lady..........hahaha.

I didn't waste anytime getting upset about it.  3 kids later, I have learned not to sweat the small stuff.  After all, our little tornado is Miss Independent and beats to her own drum.  I had high hopes that she'd wear a costume and I really thought once she saw William in a costume and me wearing a big witch hat, she just MIGHT jump on the band wagon.

But she didn't.  She tore that tutu off as fast as she could.  Our bug lady ended up in a costume consisting of red hair bows, red shoes, black tights and a black t-shirt. 

William was a fighter pilot (see Halloween 2010) and his costume choice made my life super easy.  All we had to do was dig it out of the closet!

Around 5pm we headed to the Carters house for a Halloween party before the kids went trick-o-treating.  We feasted on chili, pb&j sandwiches, the cutest candy corn shaped rice krispy treats, fruit, and some other festive orange and black fanfare.  The kids ran around the yard and posed for a group picture.  I am waiting to get a copy from the Carters and I will add the group picture to this post soon.

When the sun went down, we took to the streets.  I wore Anna in the carrier, Dada carried Adeline and William led the way.  He was SO excited to ring every single doorbell and ask for candy.  This year was the first year that William was brave enough to walk up to doors that were decorated with scary ghosts, lights, sounds, etc.  He thought it was SO COOL and told me a few times how we need to get some better decorations at our house for next year. 

Dada carried Adeline to all the houses and at first, she was kinda confused about the routine.  She would take the candy and then want to give it back.  William quickly showed her that the candy went inside her pumpkin bag.  With about 4 houses under her belt, she had the game figured out.  Adeline would march right up to doors with William and fight her way to the front of the line.  Then she'd say "trick treat," select a candy and put it in her bag without missing a beat.  Then she'd give a big ol' "thank you!" to the host at the door. 

After a few blocks, we headed home.  William wanted to walk around our neighborhood too, so I took him to a few houses nearby.  When we got home, he sat on the porch and handed out candy to all the kids that passed by.  He took his job very serious.  In a way, I think he was playing store.  When kids would come by, William would say "Hi!  Thanks for stopping by.  Please take 4 candies."

By 9pm, we were all done.

 Happy Halloween to my pilot, lady "maybe next year I will dress up" bug, and my little baby pumpkin.


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