Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pops is 66! Happy Birthday!

November 9th marked Pops' 66th birthday.  Since his big day fell on a weekend, my family was able to head to OKC to celebrate with him.  Dada took us to Stroud on Thursday evening and we met my parents at McDonalds which is the halfway point.  We loaded into Bebe's car and headed to OKC while Dada went on back to Tulsa.  He needed to work on Friday and met us in OKC on Friday night.

Pops was lookin' young and like a totally awesome dude on his 66th birthday.  He opted for a simple bash at home with the family.  We feasted on hotdogs and chicken fingers -simple food for a simply old soul like Pops.  Perfect in every way.

William and Elin were in charge of the birthday "cake" - a tall tower of Hostess cupcakes, Pops' favorite treat for as long as I can remember. 

We had a wonderful time together as one big, happy family and Pops had a blast with his grandkids.  After the fanfare died down, Pops retreated to the bedroom to "read the paper" - aka, go to bed!  But hey, when it's your birthday, you can do whatever you want. 

So glad we could be in OKC to celebrate with you Pops.  Birthdays are one special event that I missed out on for so many years while we lived in D.C.  It's truely a blessing to be able to share in the fun now that we are back home. 



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