Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Anna baby is 2 months old!

Oh my sweet Anna baby! You are 2 months old now.  8 weeks.  I have held onto every single moment of every single day because your life is moving fast! 




I am going to guess that you are around 12-13 pounds.  You wear a size 1 diaper and 3 month clothing.  Your eyes are still a beautiful blue and your hair is up for debate.  Sometimes it looks blonde, other times it can look blonde with red undertones.  The top is dark, but I don't know that the dark hair is permanent.  Your eyebrows are barely noticeable but your lashes are a light blonde/reddish color.  Your skin is so pretty.  Dada says you are white as a ghost!  I think your complexion is soft and pretty. 

You are now drinking 5 ounce bottles every 4-4.5 hours.  I have noticed that you drink more frequently in the evenings and we tend to stack the feedings about 3 hours apart.  The last bottle of the night is usually around 8 or 9pm.  Some nights you are ready to eat again around 3am and 6:30am while other nights you wake up at 4am and 7am.  It's hit or miss, but I'd say that you are pretty amazing in the Barron baby sleep department.  I don't think your brother and sister slept this well at 8 weeks old.

2 months has brought great joy to your development.  First off, YOU SMILE!  And you smile all the time!  Whenever you hear my voice or see me, you just light up.  It fills my heart with pure delight and amazes me every time.  Your big blue eyes lock on my face and if I make little noises, you kick your feet, wave your hands, smile a big ol' grin and talk to me!  You are most interested in conversation during the late evening hours before you fall asleep.  These precious moments are what having a baby is all about.  There's just no way to explain to you how incredible it is that you know who I am.  You know me and you look at me as if we've known each other my whole life.  I stare back at you just baffled.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have begged or prayed for a more perfect gift. When your eyes look at me, my heart bleeds with thanks to God.  He gave me YOU.  And my life was not complete until you entered our family. 

Anna, you are the delight of my heart! 

At 2 months, you love to lift your head up like a baby bird and survey the world around you.  You are a go with the flow kind of baby....but I guess you kinda have to be that way when my days consist of chasing your brother and sister around!  You are getting better at the car seat and will more often than not fall asleep in a moving car.  I am really careful about leaving you in the car seat for long periods of time.  I'll admit it would be really easy to do and very convenient, but I hate it.  So I take you out of the car seat whenever possible.  I want to hold you as much as I can because I know how fast the time goes!

Anna, you are such a joy.  William and Adeline can't get enough of you either.  You are the first person they find in the morning.  Adeline rushes into your room yelling, "EEEEENNNNNNAAAA!"  and she gives you a pat and says, "morning baby!"  Sometimes she pats a little too hard and your lower lip quivers.  In time, you will learn to recognize Adeline's voice and adore your sister to pieces.  Adeline also likes to hold the bottle now when I feed you.  She says, "Adeline help! Adeline help" and together we give you your bottle.  It's a proud moment for your big sister!

William still thinks you are tops.  His love for you rivals his airplane collection.  He's your protector and asks to hold you every night.  He pats your belly and gives you a kiss on the cheek.  He is so eager to teach you and your sister about life.  And every day he asks me how much longer it will be before you and Adeline can go to Holland Hall and ride to school with him and Dada.  Bless his heart.  Your William loves you in a way only a big brother can love his best pal.

Here's to 2 months old baby girl!  It's been a glorious ride so far.  We love you Anna baby!


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