Thursday, November 15, 2012

Anna meets her great grandparents, Mac and Meme

I consider it a tremendous gift to have my grandparents, "Mac and Meme," in my life at the age of 93 and 91.  There are simply no words to even being to describe how incredible these two people are.  For 35 years, they have been to every single event in my life.  As with my own parents, I have never known life without them. 

Mac and Meme have 8 great grandchildren, they are breath taking dancers, call each other "Mommy and Barn (for Barney)" and they are endearing best friends.

I am so thankful that my Mac and Meme have each held my own children in their arms.  The moments that they spend with my kids are emblazoned in my heart and forever in my memory bank. Every second is a gift that I treasure. Every conversation is a lesson from their past and a dream for my future.

 But very time we are together, I want so badly to bottle up those moments and hold onto them in real time.  I know I am very lucky to have my Mac and Meme and I just want these moments to last....they are more than just my grandparents. 

Sometimes I stand back and watch them as if I am on the outside looking in.  I see two people are just plain awesome.  And I left speechless in my love for them.


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