Sunday, January 27, 2013

Anna Elizabeth is 4 months old

Anna baby!  Look at you!  This week you turned 4 months old.  4 months!  Goodness, the days are flying by so fast.  I love on you as much as I can.  I adore your sweet cheeks, your sparkling blue eyes and your smile when you hear my voice and see my face. 

I am not sure how much you weigh this month.  Your eyes are still a beautiful blue color and your skin is a pinkish pale color....just the perfect baby color!  Your hair color is still a mystery since you don't have any.  Sometimes it looks like it might be coming in dark and other days it looks reddish blonde.  You wear size 6-9 month footed sleepers because you are LONG!  I hope that means you got Dada's height!  Most of your other clothes range from 3-9 months.  It really just depends on the item, but you tend to wear bigger sizes in one piece outfits. 

You drink 6-7 ounce bottles every 3.5-4 hours.  Your last bottle for the night is usually around 8:30 or 9pm.  Then you go to bed.  For awhile, you were sleeping through the night.  But recently, you have started waking back up around 3am and you want to eat.  I give you 2 ounces of milk and you go back to sleep until 6:30 or 7am.  Sometimes, you wake up before then but if you lay on my chest, you will go back to sleep until your brother and sister wake up.

 I love it when you sleep on me.  Your tiny little body fits across my chest like a puzzle piece.  You wiggle your way sideways so your head is in the crease of my left arm - right at my elbow.  Then your body lays across my tummy with your feet hanging over my right side.  You fit perfectly.  I know you LOVE to sleep like that because you can hear my pulse as your head lays on my arm.  Without a doubt, you are asleep in seconds that way.  I know you are only going to get bigger, so I happily let you sleep on me whenever I can.  Sometimes I just watch you.  It's the best seat in the house.  Your facial features are so tiny, so perfect and so soft.  You sigh, you moan, you squeak.  Music to my ears.

You are such a trooper when it comes to riding in your car seat.  Lets face it, you are in it a lot.  That's just what happens when we are on the go chasing after William and Adeline.  I do try to get you out of it whenever I can too.  If the car is moving, you tend to fall asleep.  But there are many times when I sense you've just had it all together and simply DO NOT want to be in there.  And that's ok.  We just pull the car over and get you out to stretch or sometimes I will carry you into stores instead. 

You LOVE LOVE LOVE the body carrier.  This is one of the best ways for me to move around the house and get things done.  You have the best time riding on my chest with your bird's eye view of the world.  You kick your legs and holler when I suit up and snap you on.  In fact, you have so much fun riding around like this that you fall asleep after a hour or so.  I think your so stimulated as I move around and show you the world, that your sweet little head gets a good workout! 

You smile all the time and belly laugh too.  You still do not cry like a SCREAM!  It's the same scream I heard the minute you were born.  It can be SO LOUD.  You especially scream like crazy when you see me making your bottle.  You reach out and try to grab it with your mouth open wide.

I love your kisses.  You open your mouth and kiss my cheek.  I love to blow on your neck and hear you belly laugh until I think you are annoyed with me.  It's enough to fill my heart with happiness.

You are trying to grab things and hold objects.  You reach out for toys and get frustrated when you cannot get something in your mouth.  You can pull your pacifier out of your mouth and wave it around in your hand, but you cannot get it back in.  You like your playmat and will bat at the toys for 10 minutes or so before getting frustrated that you can't pull them off!
4 months Anna baby.  4 months.  Wow.  You are forever a blessing to our family.  Especially your mama. 

You are the delight of my heart Anna. 

You are wonderfully made.




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