Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

I wrote an entire blog post about Christmas day and blogger erased it.  So here we go again as best as I can remember!

Christmas day is one of my favorite days of the year.  I absolutely love the magic of Santa Claus and the wonder in my children's eyes every Christmas morning.  We BELIEVE! 

I love how William believes with his whole heart.  I love that he always tells Santa what to bring his sisters before he lists off his own wishes.  I love how William loves all things Christmas just like me - the decorations, the tree, the traditions, his elf, etc.  There is just something so wonderful about childhood and I think that Christmas day radiates the innocence and magic of being young.  These years are so bittersweet.  You see, William is growing up and the magic of Santa is fleeting.  WE BELIEVE in our house and we always will.  I hold onto these years with all my heart and the last 5 Christmas mornings are stamped in my memory book.  I can recall snapshots in my mind from all them and I can see my children's faces light up like it was yesterday. 


Christmas night, William set out chocolate cake and carrots for the reindeer.  Before going to bed, he just HAD to check the Santa Doppler several times to track Santa's every move.  He was so eager to know when Santa would come over the skies of Oklahoma.  Once we all the wiggles and giggles of excitement out, William told me, "Mom, I really hope that Santa brings me some new airplanes and Adeline a few dolls.  But you know what, I am ok if he can't bring me everything on my list.  There are lots of kids who need presents so I will be thankful for what Santa brings me."  That little conversation is one for my memory book too.  I could feel the innocent thrill and anxiety that filled William from his head to his feet.  It's what Christmas night is all about.  Wonder.  Magic.  Thankfulness.

 Adeline was fast asleep and really had no idea what was going on other than that she got to open tons of boxes and find great surprises inside! 

Late in the night, Santa brought William a shiny new scooter, soccer goals, playmobil toys, laser tag, airplanes, a 5 foot cardboard space shuttle tent and a remote control helicopter.

Adeline received pink doll furniture, a stroller, several babies, bottles and feeding supplies. 

Anna got a cute white hat, a Little People car and a feeding dish.

Christmas morning, William raced into our room like a stick of dynamite.  He was SO excited and wanted desperately to charge downstairs and see his loot.  We told him we had to wait for Adeline to wake up and oh boy, he thought it took FOOOORRRREVVVVER for her rise and shine!  But it was still bright and early when my kids assembled on the stairs for the annual "Christmas morning stair picture."



I think the stair picture is hilarious.  Anna is about to slip through William's arms, William is giving a fake smile and Adeline looks like her tornado self!  My 3 babies!

Dada took some video of what Santa brought the kids and when he gave the signal, William went racing down the stairs to his pile.  His eyes were as big as saucers and he just kept smiling ear to ear saying, "WOW!  AWESOME!  LOOK A SCOOTER!  LOOK AT THOSE AIRPLANES!  LOOK AT THAT AWESOME HELICOPTER! "  There was a lot to soak in, but William loved it all.

Adeline walked right over to her doll furniture and never missed a beat.  She exclaimed, "WooooooW!" in her soft "ah ha" kind of voice when she is completely bewildered by something.  It was truly a surprise for her and although I don't know she really understood what was happening, she certainly LOVED her new gifts.  She went right to the stroller and took off with her baby, made a circle around the living room and headed to the baby bed to put her babies to sleep.  Then she fed them and repeated the process about a million times.  It was very cute to watch!



Anna got in on the action by modeling her new night cap.




William read his letter from Santa Claus and thought it was funny that he made a mess with the chocolate cake.  On the other hand, Adeline was pleased as punch that Santa left her a bite!

Christmas morning was as fun as always.  I just love to watch my kids and see the joy in their eyes.  This year was especially sweet because we had Anna with us.  Looking back at photos from last year, Adeline was such a baby herself and yet, we had no idea that God was about to give us another precious gift to love. 



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