Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pretty weather

The last few days in January have been beautiful. It has reached 79 degrees two days in a row!

So while William was at school, the girls and I ran a few errands and hit the park for 2 hours. Adeline had an absolute blast running around the park. The pretty weather has been a nice change of pace from the cold temps that keep us indoors.

One morning I asked Adeline if she would like to go to the grocery store before we hit the park. She smiled really big and said, "I drive I drive grocery store!" and "Adeline swing really high weeeeeeeeeeee!"

With that, Adeline drove me through the grocery store in her cart car. She loves this. I of course spent about 3 minutes wiping it down with antibacterial gel.

The park was great fun too. I was surprised to find we had the whole place to ourselves, but Adeline sure loved climbing and sliding and playing restaurant with the mulch.


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