Monday, January 21, 2013

MLK Day 2013

William came home from school on Friday talking about how his class was going to meet up at the Martin Luther King Day parade on Monday.

He was SO excited to see a parade in person. He talked about it all weekend and really wanted to know what the event entailed.

Well Monday came and the high was 40 degrees AT 4pm!! The morning temperature at parade time was 23 degrees. FREEZING! I couldn't talk him out of going. He didn't care about the weather. He was just so eager to see his first parade. And I am such a sucker for "first" anythings.

Luckily, I already had a babysitter lined up for day, so William and I suited up for snow skiing weather and headed for downtown Tulsa.

The parade started at 11am and moved pretty slow. It wasn't the best parade or the biggest. It wasn't full of fancy floats or professional singers.

It was freezing. It was slow. We were the only Holland Hall kindergarten family to show up! William got to hang with his teachers, Mrs. Rains and Mr. Norlock.

For me, that time with William was priceless. It has been awhile (well, 3 months to be exact) that I have really had a full morning of one on one time with my boy. Watching the parade through his eyes made the freezing temps worth every shiver. "Mom, best part of being here is that we don't have to watch commercials!"

Instead, William sat on my lap and we cuddled in the cold eating lollipops and parade candy. After a long 45 minutes,William told me we should see a parade in the spring or summer! With that, we packed up and headed home.

We had a really good time being together.


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