Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anna Elizabeth is 5 months old

Anna Baby!  You are now 5 months old.    You are 14 lbs 8 oz and in the 53%tile for weight.  You are in the 90%tile for height.   You wear a size 3-4 diaper and 6-9 month clothes.  You are long, so most of your footed sleepers are a size 9 months.  You can still wear a 3 month dress, but I cannot close the button at your neck. 

You drink 6 ounce bottles every 4 hours or so.  In the evening, you stack your feedings and will drink 2 bottles about 2  hours apart. 

 You fall asleep for the night between 7:30 and 8pm.  I hear from you around 3:30am.  I have been working on getting you back to sleep when you wake up in the night. Sometimes, you go back to sleep just fine.  Other nights, you are hungry.  If that is the case, I give you 4 ounces of milk.  You then go back to sleep and wake up between 6-6:30 am.  Many mornings, you stir around 5:30am, but if I put you on my chest, you snuggle right in and sleep until 7am.  I love it and I don't mind a bit.  This teeny tiny body of yours is such a fleeting moment in time.....I love that you fit right across my chest and place your head in the nook of my elbow and drift off.  I relish holding you my sweet baby girl!

I think it's official to say your eyes are BLUE!

 Your skin is very fair and I have noticed some eczema on your forehead, along your brow line and on the left side of your face.  It doesn't appear all the time, but when I notice you starting to itch, I get out the cream.  Adeline had eczema as a baby, but she outgrew it.  I am hoping you will as well. 

Your hair is a mystery.  Some days it looks blonde, and other days it looks brown or even strawberry blonde.  Who knows!  You do not have any teeth yet.  This kinda surprises me because William got a tooth at 4 months old and Adeline had her first tooth at 3 months old.  You chew on EVERYTHING in sight, so I have a feeling you are on your way to showing me your pearly whites.

You are still a screamer.  It's the same sound you made the second you were born!  I think God gave you the scream so you could be heard above the noise of your brother and sister.  You are better about your carseat and take a nap when the car is moving.  You LOVE LOVE LOVE to ride facing forward in the body carrier.  In fact, you prefer this more than being held on my hip.  You can see everything around you and you kick your feet the second I lock you on my body.  You could spend all day in that thing and in fact, when we went out in the snow, you had the best seat in the house for watching William and Adeline on the sled.  

Anna, you love to be in the action at all times.  You don't like to lay on the floor on your back anymore.  You want to be on your tummy pushing up to see or better yet, you want to sit up.  If I put the boppy behind you, you can sit up for awhile.  You tend to fall over when you reach for a toy or see your feet.

That's another milestone - seeing your feet.  I remember the moment you realized you have feet.  It was so funny to watch your eyes fixate on your toes.  You looked at your feet like, "hey, what is this?  what do we have here?"  You reached out for your toes and fell over on your side!  Then I put you on your back and showed you your feet.  You liked that because you could grab your toes without falling.  In the mornings after I take you out of your sleep sack, you stretch your legs and grab your toes.  It's pretty cute to watch!

You like to grab objects now and stick them in your mouth.  You like to shake rattles and play with any toys that are loose on the floor.  You have some teething beads and a little teething brush that you like a lot too.  Maybe some teeth are trying to poke through......

We also got out a few new toys for you too.  We borrowed a jumperoo from Jack, but so far you are not a fan.  I think you need to be a little taller to understand how to use the jumperoo.  We can get about 5 minutes out of it before you are done.  One toy you do love is the exersaucer.  I think this one is a winner because you can sit upright and your back is supported.  You can see everyone around you and you sit in there and play with all the musical toys.  It's also a great spot for you to sit and watch William and Adeline run around.  I can't wait until summer when I can fill the bottom with water and you can splash on the driveway.

You love to open your mouth and give kisses to us on our cheeks.  When you see your bottle, you freak out and kiss me all over the face or kick your legs while screaming.  It's funny.

William and Adeline love you to pieces.  Adeline asks to hold you often and I always let her.  She finds your pacifier and tries to jam it in your mouth because she thinks you need it all the time like her baby dolls.  In the mornings, she will get right in your face and in a high pitched voice, she'll say, "Anna baby!  goo goo babbbbyyyyyyyy!" She's heard us talk to you and now she likes to visit with you in the same way.  It's very, very sweet and you smile at her in pure delight.

William is so proud of you Anna. He loves you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.  He holds you and plays with you without me even asking him to entertain you.  He cannot wait for you to go to school with him and he asks how many years it will be before you go to Holland Hall.  You are VERY lucky to have William as your brother.  I hope one day you will understand how protective he is of his sisters. 

Anna, you are one happy little baby.  You love to be held, you light up with joy when you see your Dada, and I am forever thankful for you.  I look at you every day and just wonder HOW I got so lucky that God gave me YOU!  He knew I needed you and I cherish all the baby days......they go so quick but in my eyes, you will always be my Anna BABY!



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