Friday, February 22, 2013

SNOW DAY 2013!


Wednesday morning, we woke up to a light shower of snow.  I wasn't sure it was anything to sing about because it didn't look like it was going to stick.  Adeline is now at the age where she understands the concept of "snow" so she got a real kick out of watching it fall from the sky. 


William was totally pumped about it too.  He wanted desperately to go outside and play before school, but there was nothing on the ground at that point.  So, he got ready for school and headed off with Dada.  Dada said he asked a million questions about the snow on the way to school and was so anxious for the snow to still be around after school so he could play. You could feel the thrill of excitement in his voice.

It only took a few hours for 2-3 inches to accumulate on the ground.  As soon as Anna fell asleep for a morning snooze, I snatched up Adeline and we got dressed for our snow day!  Adeline was hilarious.  She TOTALLY understood what we were doing.  She said, "I need boots, hat, burrr!  Let's make a snowman Mama!"  I got out the bin of snow gear (I am always prepared for snow since our days in VA taught me to have the stuff whether we need it or not!) and found a random assortment of snow clothes for Adeline to wear.  Everything fit just fine except for the gloves.  Those are such a bug anyway, but I knew she had to cover her hands.  Afterall, she had a grand plan to build a snowman!

We headed outside with her Dora umbrella and she stomped around the yard holding it over her head.  I think she could feel the snow coming down and wanted to be prepared for "rain."  Once she was out and about, Adeline threw Dora off to the side and away she went frolicking in the white stuff.  Oh my goodness, she had the absolute best time of her life.  It was simply adorable to watch her.  I LOVED LOVED LOVED my snow day with Adeline. 

She said, "Mama, I make a snowman.  I help you Mama."  I started rolling a snowball and she watched me closely.  Then she ran over to me in that big ol' snowsuit that made her look like a marshmellow....and I couldn't help but want to eat her up!  She put her hands on the snowball and grunted like she was trying to push the snowball and pick it up.  I told her, "Mama will pick it up but you can help me roll it and make the body really big!"  Adeline replied, "OK!  Let's do it!" and we rolled and rolled and rolled.  I carried the ball of snow to the front yard and asked her where we should put our snowman.  Adeline pointed to a spot in the yard, "right here Mama!  My snowman right here!"  We repeated our conversation while making the second ball of snow for our snowman.  Once we had him stacked up, Adeline said, "Ok Mama, I help you! Eyes!"  I gave her two pine cones and she put them in the snowman for eyes.  I put a stick in the snow for his nose, but Adeline quickly took it out and marched over to a tree.  "Mama, I do it!  Help!" So I gave her another stick and she marched right over to the snowman and stuck it in the same hole where I put my original stick nose.  I cracked up.   That kiddo is smart and knows what she wants!

We ran inside to find a hat and a scarf for the snowman.  Adeline was running through the house in her wet boots shouting, "Hat!  where are you? Hat!  I find you!!!"  I showed her where the hats were in the closet and she picked out a navy blue one.  Again, she marched right over to the snowman and put the hat on his head.  "All finished Mama!"  I clapped and clapped and told her how pretty the snowman was.  Then I asked her to stand by him so I could take her picture and man, SHE WOULD NOT STAND BY HIM TO SAVE HER LIFE! It was as if the snowman was real.  So, I told her we'd have a cookie inside after the photo.  She is a little unsure of the whole thing but wanted that cookie really bad!

After the picture, Adeline said, "All done Mama.  Let's go to front door now."  And in we went.  She was happy and satisfied with her morning in the snow.

I held my breath when I told William we made a snowman.  I thought he might be sad he missed it.  But instead, he said, "oh Adeline!  Great job!  It's so cute!" On the way home from school, He asked me a million times if he could go outside when we got home.  I told him of course we'd all go back out because we have a sled and needed to put it to good use.  William was thrilled.  He raced inside and changed into his snowsuit in lightening speed.  I got the girls suited up and the four of us headed outside for round 2 of our snow day. 

William loved the sled.  There was not enough snow on the ground for great sledding, but what 6 year old really needs to know that detail.  He thought he'd hit the jackpot.  I mean, this little kid was beyond delighted that his front yard hill was a great race way for the sled. He probably went down that little hill 50 times. William would load up Adeline and tell her to hang on and then he'd push his hands on the ground to get the sled going.  Then it would go down the hill in about 5 seconds......he beamed every single time!  William and Adeline played tag and ran around the yard throwing snow on each other.  They belly laughed, they made snow angels, and they worked a little more on the snowman. 

I LOVED watching the whole event.  I absolutely cannot get enough of being with my kids.  They are SO much fun and truely enjoy each other.  I love that they embrace me and want to be with me as much as I love being with them. They welcome me wholeheartedly into their childhood and I soak up every single second.  Snow day is in the memory books for sure.  I will never forget the way Adeline looked waddling out in the snow and falling down in it.  She worked and worked at getting up and just kept falling and falling every time.  Her snowsuit was big and awkward, but oh my goodness, it was so cute too   Anna's blue eyes sparkled against the white backdrop and her checks were as red as apples.  I won't forget how much FUN William had being out in that little bit of snow.  It might as well have been 20 feet of snow in his world.  He had the best time.  And I won't forget my kids riding down the hill in our front yard - their shreks of delight and belly laughs so deep your gut hurts.

The icing on the cake for me was not just watching my little ones have a great time, but also the fact that we are HOME.  It's OUR YARD and OUR HOUSE where we made these memories.  I have waited a long, long time for this and my cup runith over!  I know someday when they are grown and gone, I will find myself suiting up and heading outside to sit on our porch alone, and I will hear the sounds of their tiny voices on our first snow day together.  Time is precious and melts so fast.


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