Friday, February 15, 2013

Mud holes

The boys next door were busy digging a mud hole last week. William was invited to help, and Adeline always thinks that means she is included too. The neighbor boys are so kind and they always let Adeline play with them. She doesn't get in their way, but she does think she is 7 years old at times. She can keep up with the boys wether they are on the trampoline or playing chase. And today was no different.

Today was mud hole day and Miss Adeline was in the thick of it. Ironically, she was dressed in white shoes and a white turtleneck from earlier in the day. When we went next door, I had Anna in the body carrier and I knew Adeline would freak out in tears if I tried to take her home before she saw the mud. So I let it go.

And the minute we stepped foot in their yard, Adeline was a mud magnet. She was SO SO curious what that hole of goo was all about. She watched the boys use the shovel, add water, throw in sticks and use their hands to dig the hole deeper. About a millisecond later, Adeline took over the mud hole. She used the shovel while saying, "Adeline dig. Help please!" And the boys graciously helped her dig the hole. She was doing really well and having the time of her life exploring the mud..........

And then it happened. She slipped and in she went! White tennis shoes and all! Oh well. I could care less. The shoes can be washed and the turtleneck was not important.

What was important was that my baby girl was having an absolute blast. That moment when she was chest high in mud just embodied the bliss of childhood. She was so busy. I could see the wheels spinning in her mind as she touched the wet dirt and collected acorns and leaves to toss in the hole. She could have stayed there for hours. She was as happy as could be.

After she fell in the hole, she slowly got up and came over to show me her shoes. She kept pointing at them and saying, "oh no! Shooeeeesss! Adeline fall boom in mud!" I laughed and told her it was no big deal and we'd wash her shoes. The boys brought over some clean water to rinse her off with, but Adeline thought sitting in the water was a lot more refreshing.

Despite her being soaking wet and covered in mud, Adeline played in that mud hole another 45 minutes. She loved it and I had a great time watching her!

Childhood is messy and a "hole" lot of fun!


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