Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Playing with my girls in the sunshine

Another blissfully beautiful day here in the middle of winter! 

After I dropped William off at school, the girls and I headed to the park.  Adeline LOVES the park.  It's a big treat for her because I just don't get to take her as much as I took William when he was little.......we went every single day, sometimes twice and we'd stay for hours.

 With Anna so little, it's just really tricky to take Adeline and camp out on the playground for the whole morning.   Some days it's just too chilly for Anna and other times Adeline wants to climb and go as high as she can on the jungle gym.  If Anna's asleep, it all works out.  If she's awake or hungry, it can be a little challenging.  But by this summer, Anna will be bigger, the days longer, the weather warmer, and we'll be able to camp at the park just like the good ol' days!

But on this particular day, the weather was perfect for February and Anna had just had a bottle.  So, I asked Adeline if she wanted to go to the park and she said, "OH MAMA!  Let's play! Adeline go to sandbox and toys! Let's go!"  And off we went.

Adeline had a great time.  She played on all the gear for about an hour or so.  We climbed, we hit the swings, she went down the slides, she was in heaven!  We played restaurant with wood chips and Anna watched us from her stroller.  The expressions on her faces were priceless and I could eat up her personality.  She's every bit as sassy as she is sweet and her husky laugh is infectious.

We had such a good time and for me, it was extra special.  I loved having all that time with just Adeline.  It brought back so many memories of the 4 years I had with just my William.  The time with my kids is so precious and I want to record every single snapshot of their "littleness" in my memory bank. 


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