Monday, February 11, 2013


For his 6th birthday, William decided to have a laser tag party at Laser Quest. 

Dada has taken William to play laser tag a few times with his cousins in OKC.  At first, William was very hesitant to step inside the dark room where the kids play the game, but after a couple of times going and watching his cousins have fun, William got the courage to try it.  And, he LOVED it.  So he was really excited that Tulsa had a laser tag facility (who knew!) AND it caters to birthday parties.  PERFECT.

So Laser Tag was the place to party for William's 6th birthday.  I wanted to make sure that our party wasn't going to take place when tons of teenagers would be playing too.  Most 6 year olds have not played laser tag before and I hated to think that William's friends would be scared or intimidated by a bunch of older kids.  So, I opted to have the party on a Friday after school RIGHT when Laser Quest opened.  The employees assured me that the older crowd would not start coming until around 7pm or so.  They were right.  We had the place to ourseleves and William's friends were the only ones in the dark room playing the game.  It was PERFECT for them.

So, Friday, February 8th from 4-6pm, 16 of William's classmates suited up and headed for a game of tag.  William was SO SO SO excited.  He jumped in the car right after school and said, "Mom!  How many minutees does it take for us to get to Laser Quest?  Did you bring my darkest clothes ever? I don't want anyone to see me and that way I will be the high scorer."  The questions and the anticipation went on and on.

William and I got to Laser Quest early and had plenty of time to set up.  Dada was going to meet us there after he picked up the M&M cookie cake - William's birthday cake of choice the last 3 years!

Dressed in his "darkest clothes ever," William ran around the place skipping and hopping and watching out the windows for his friends.  The kids started to arrive and oh, he just beamed!  His friends were really fired up too because most of them had never played laser tag but thought the concept was awesome.  Even the girls were thrilled to be there.

First off, everyone had to pick a code name that would link their laser vest to their score card.  William chose WilcoBravo6.  It's his flight name.

Then the kids got a quick introduction to the game and they were off to the dark room.  Several parents went inside the dark room to watch or help their own child participate in the game.  It isn't hard to play, but for a child who's never done it, a dark room can be intimidating.

After the group finished, the score cards were handed out and William placed 2nd overall!  He was so pleased!  Then he was called to the stage where the kids gathered around to sing Happy Birthday to him.  At the end of the song, William had to close his eyes and a toilet paper gun TP-d his face and body.  He thought it was hilarious and he was a great sport!

The kiddos ate pizza and we sang to William again.  He showed everyone his cookie cake and he told me how great it was that the cookie place drew a laser tag vest exactly like the one he was wearing.  Oh the little things in life!

After a second game of laser tag, the party came to an end.  William handed out party favors (glow sticks) and thanked all his buddies for coming to celebrate with him.

On the way home, William was quiet.  He was tired, but he was also terribly sad.  It killed him to think that he has to wait 365 more days until he turns 7.  Bless his heart. 

I am so glad you had such a wonderful birthday William.  It was such a treat to see you with your friends.  They like you so much and truly enjoy being with you.  Happy 6th buddy!


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