Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Anna Baby 14 months

Anna Baby,

You are 14 months old.  You are such a joy!  14 months keeps me on my toes.  You probably weigh 20 lbs and you are a skinny little lady.  You wear size 9m-12m, some 18m if it's one piece.  You are over the worst of the teething phase and you still eat most anything we give you.  Your favorites are pizza, apples, raisins, cheese, beans, and soft fruit. 

You LOVE going to mother's day out and in fact, you run down the halls beaming and hollering until we reach your classroom. 

Everyday, you find your baby dolls and feed them a bottle.  You hold the bottle up to the baby's mouth and then you make a smacking sound with your lips. You also put your baby on your chest and pat her back.   It's SO funny and I think it is so smart of you to make that connection and really "play" with your toys.  You have a doll stroller and you like to push it around the house while wearing a purse on your arm.  You don't need my help putting on necklaces and purses.  You hold the stroller, turn to look at me and then you wave at me while saying, "BYE BYE!"  You usually crack up laughing and push your stroller off in the distance.  I love watching your imagination bloom!

You love to climb ANYTHING you can get your feet on.  You love to use the sign language expression for "more" and anytime your brother and sister are in my arms, you are INSANELY jealous.  It's cute to watch you holler and bat your way onto my lap when they are around.  It's like you are saying, "look out guys, she is MINE!"  Your favorite seat in the house is either on dad's lap or in your doll stroller.  You fit perfectly in your doll stroller.  And yes, you climb and stand on it too.  YIKES!  You climb out of highchairs and you climb on mom and dad like a monkey.  You may need to take gymnastics!

You love picture books.  Your favorite book is about animals and you point to all the pictures and say, "this!" 

There are so many things I want to bottle up and remember forever.  Your laugh is one of the best sounds my heart holds dear.  You LOVE to laugh and your belly laughs are contagious.  You love for me to tickle you and blow on your tummy.  If I could keep you tiny forever, I would.  I love that you fit right on my hip and your little hands grab onto my shirt for dear life.  I love how you put your head on my shoulder and pat my back at the same time.  I love how you reach up for mom and dad by waving your hands and giving the "more" sign.  I love that you are mine.  Not forever, but for now. 

I love that you are the delight of my heart.


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