Friday, October 15, 2010

Bebe and Pops are in town

Bebe and Pops came to town Wednesday and we are having a big time!   William is SO HAPPY!  He proudly showed Bebe his school yesterday and took both Bebe and Pops to sports camp with him.  

Yesterday it poured and poured rain so Mom and I worked on the new curtains in my bedroom and hit up the grocery store.  We picked William up from school and came home to play airplanes.  Then we grabbed Pops for sports camp and after class we just came home.  William's Thursdays are long with both school and sports, so any amount of time he can have just being home with his toys is key.  He LOVES to play and can spend hours with his airport or books.  This was the perfect way to spend a rainy day with his Bebe and Pops!

On Friday Dan took William to school.  They picked up Pops along the way so he could see the school and ride into DC with Dan for his meetings.  After we grab William from school, we all went to Leesburg and hit the outlet mall.  After shopping we headed for downtown Leesburg to try out the Chicago Hot Dog restrauant that had a big write up in the weekend section of the newspaper.   Once full of fuel, we headed to the CORN MAZE.  

None of us realized how COLD it was going to be on Friday.  We thought we'd tackle the maze around mid-day, but it didn't open until 6pm for the "night maze" craze.  
The wind was blowing hard and we only came prepared with the clothes we were wearing from our sunny afternoon of shopping.   I tried to be resourceful and dug around the back of the car hoping to find a jacket or sweater to help us out.......You can see from our photos that Dan fashioned a cape out of an airplane blanket and I made a shawl out of the ol' Bundle Me fleece car seat liner!  Both worked like a charm!  Thankfully, William and Pops were both dressed warm  and Bebe was a trooper for toughing it out sans winter wear.
The corn maze was loads of fun and Bebe and Pops enjoyed it since they'd never been through one before.  We made it a playful game for William and let him find all of the maze markers in order for us to nagivate our way out.  We also hit up the paint ball firing range and the bounce house pillow for William to jump on.  It was dark so there were very few kids William's age, but William had a blast because he was with his Bebe and his Pops!
Saturday we all went down town to explore the Capitol Visitors Center by Dan's office.  It's been a work in progess for 8 years.  Talk about impressive!  It's all underground and a wonderful way for visitors to learn about Washington, D.C. and the history of the Senate and the House.  We hit up Matchbox pizza (yum!) for lunch and then drove to College Park, MD in order to play at the Maryland Aviation Museum.   
This was an airplane museum that we had never been too (shocker!) and everyone was eager to see it.  William played on the planes and spent time building airplanes out of blocks in the kids area.  After a couple of hours we left and drove through the University of Maryland campus.  Then we hit up a country store that Dan randomly knew about.  It was FILLED TO THE BRIM with trinkets and we had fun wandering around.  

Bright and early on Sunday morning Bebe and Pops headed back to OKC.  We are so glad they came to see us and I'd say we packed in a fun filled weekend of good times!  LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU GUYS ALREADY!


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