Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cox Farm Extravaganza 2010

I bought tickets for William and I to play at the Cox Farm Fall Festival this year.  We went with Ava and Carrie last fall and the kids had the best time!  This year, we went with William's friend Caroline and her mom.  We've had a ton of rain lately so the farm has been closed off and on.  However, Tuesday it was a brisk 64 degrees and sunny.  I pulled William out of school around 11am and we set out for an afternoon of slides, hayrides, pumpkins and good ol' fashion farm fun.
When we pulled up to the farm, William remembered exactly what to expect.  The first thing he shouted was "oh Mom Mom this is the place we went with Ava last time and they have all those super slides!  I am so excited!"  I had no doubt the boy would be ready to party.
The best part about going to Cox Farm during the week is that no one is there!  We arrived at noon and stayed 3.5 hours.  No crowds, no lines, no fuss.  It was fabulous!  Cherilyn and I could sit on the benches and just watch the kids climb up the great big hills and come crashing down the haystack slides.  Caroline and William rode the slides for 3 hours before we decided to take the hayride tour of the farm.  They also loved climbing up the hay bales and into the dark tunnel mazes.

William "liked" the hayride ok.  He had never been on a hayride before and told me, "Mom Mom this is my first hayride and I like it a lot!"  The "ok" part was that the hayride drove us through a haunted corn field of silly ghostly statues, cardboard cutouts and a couple of real people running around in alien costumes.  William found this whole part of the journey questionable.  He covered his eyes while I explained that these were simply people like Mom Mom and Dada in costumes.  He was slightly confused, but took it in stride after climbing in my lap!
Our entrance fee included a pumpkin for each of us.  William put a lot of thought into his choice and we came home with two really cute baby pumpkins.  4 hours later, we headed home.  Our day was REALLY fun and I loved spending time with just my favorite little boy.  One of my fondest fall memories!


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