Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Preschool Pumpkin Hunt

Tuesday was the pumpkin hunt for William's preschool class.  We donated 3 cantaloupe size pumpkins for the hunt.  I went to watch and take a few photos of the big event.

William insisted on wearing his Halloween t-shirt since it was pumpkin hunt day, so we opted out of the usual school uniform.  The kids came outside to the playground and were instructed to race for a pumpkin on the count of 3.  I could tell William was diligently surveying the landscape in order desperately locate a pumpkin to run too.  On "3," he ran as fast as he could to the basketball goal and proudly exclaimed, "I FOUND ONE!"

The pumpkin hunt lasted all of 5 minutes, but nevertheless, it was fun to watch the smiles on the kiddos faces.


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