Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just Talkin' - WBB 3.5 years

"If baby sister wants a panda bear, I can go get her one.  That would be a nice thing for me to do."

"So the doctor is going to cut your belly?  Do you have a box of bandaids because I can go get a truck full of them so I can take care of you.  Do you want Curious George on them?"

"Mom Mom, if you talk back to me, I am going to put you in time out on the stairs for a hundred million hours."

Dada (watching Mr. Rogers with William):  "That is really neat how they make raincoats.  I think I will make raincoats."
William: "You can't make raincoats.  You are already all growed up and you are my Daddy."
Dada: "Oh right, I forgot."
Wililam: "I love you so much Dada."

"When I grow up, I am going to be like Dada and go to the office.  I won't have a job.  I will just go there to work and then ride home on the subway."

"I wonder what Baby Sister will look like when you get her all ready for Big Brother Day?"  "Maybe she will have hair that goes all the way to her neck like Ava."

"Mom Mom, let's talk about everything I did when I was three years old."


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