Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Show'n off those pearly whites!

Today was a day I have been dreading.  Well, dreading in the sense that I was VERY UNSURE how William would react to his very first trip to the dentist.   I booked the appointment a few weeks ago, and I casually mentioned to William that when you turn 4, you get to go to the dentist (said with a big smile on my face).  Of course, he had no clue what a trip to the dentist was all about, but he asked me what they do there and I just kept the answer simple:  clean your teeth with a toothbrush.  The idea didn't bother him a bit.  
So, today came.  I picked William up from school 30 minutes early in order to make it to our noon appointment.  Of course, I packed the camera and his toothbrush for a last minute scrub.  We got to the dentist's office and the first thing William saw was the playroom.  WINNER.  He walked right on in there and started building with the Legos.  When Dr. G came to take him back to the dental room, she excitedly said, "William, are you ready to come with me!?"  He looked right at her and said, "nice to meet you but not yet.  I am busy building a train station."  We laughed and got him up and on his way.
I held my breath.  I was so curious how he'd react to seeing the chair, the machines, the tools, the noises, etc.  This kid didn't even bat an eye.  He hopped right up in the chair and started asking a MILLION questions.  He was so intrigued with the cords and the tools.  He asked what everything did, how each tool worked, where the "pipes" (cords) went, how the water fountain worked, etc.  I was shocked.  

Ms. Sarah, our hygienist, came over and introduced William to all the tools:  Mr. Thirsty, Mr. Buzz, and Ms. Tickle Brush.  William laughed so hard at their names and said, "what!  I have never heard of tools with crazy names like these guys."  
Then it was time for William to get his game face on.  He put on his protective glasses and laid back in the chair without a hitch.  He picked orange flavored toothpaste and marshmallow flavored fluoride.  He was like a king on a throne.  He NEVER got upset and as they worked in his mouth, he just took each step of the journey with a brave face.  I was SO PROUD of him.
At the end, the dentist took a picture with him and told us it would be out on the bulletin board next time we come for a visit.  They gave William a goodie bag and he told Ms. Sarah he thought it was more like a party favor.  He got to pick out some toys in the prize bin - a bouncy ball and a sheriff's badge.  And of course, we had to stay an extra 20 minutes to finish playing trains in the playroom.

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He is just the best! Love him so much!

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