Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pizza Hut Celebration

Months ago, William requested to have his birthday party at Pizza Hut.   He discovered "The Hut" when Dada picked him up from school one Friday afternoon and took him on a lunch date.  So now when Dada is on pick up duty, the boys hit the The Hut for the pizza buffet.

William's idea for Pizza Hut was actually a GREAT choice!  He loves all his friends so much, so I knew we'd have a hard time keeping the guest list small.  We of course wanted to invite his whole preschool class of 22 kiddos, then there are our neighborhood buddies (5), our cousins (2) and our 3 best pals from church.  Yep. 
32  - 4 year olds.  You read that right. 

I normally wouldn't even consider that many kids for a birthday party. EVER.   However, when you are 3.5/4 years old, you are WELL aware of when you birthday happens and what a birthday party entails.  I simply could NOT underestimate my little boy's innocence.  I just knew that he'd be asking all of his friends "did you get my invitation to my party?"  or "are you coming to my birthday party at Pizza Hut?"  And, I DID NOT want to exclude anyone.  I just don't roll like that.  Thankfully, 23 kids were able to attend and since it was not in my home and I did not have to cook or do any entertainment prep work, the high number of kiddos was no big deal.  It was Pizza Hut's problem! ha.

The gang at Pizza Hut could not have been nicer to us.   They were armed and ready the second we arrived and kept the party moving for me.  ALL the kids sat in their seats (shocking), chatted and ate pizza.  It was fun to watch William among his peers.  He was holding court as the birthday boy, and each time a friend arrived, he was SO THRILLED to see them.  He'd say, "Campbell!  Welcome to my party!  Thanks for thinking of me!"  My heart was so proud of my little guy.  He truly is turning into such a sweet natured soul, who has a joyous zest for life and not to mention great manners to boot.

The party was a rocket and airplane theme.  Shocking.  William was VERY SPECIFIC and consistent in his vision for the party.  He asked for 2 cookie "cakes" (since he doesn't like ice cream and cake) - one chocolate chip with a rocket and the other one M&M with an airplane on it.  He wanted a balloon tied to his chair and rocket/airplane coloring pages for everyone at their seats.  The dream came to life.  He was SO PLEASED!  When he got to the party, he walked around the table with a huge smile on his face just surveying the set up to make sure it was "A-Ok."  It was one of those random moments that don't seem like anything at all, but it is stamped into my memory forever. 

After about 1 hour of good times, we wrapped up the festivities and headed home.  William was pooped, but he charged ahead in order to open up all his new gifts.   The highlight was the Playmobil private jet plane and cargo area that he's asked for since Christmas.  The box says "4 and up" so he knew that he had to be 4 in order to have it.......and he could not have been more thrilled. 
We love you WBB.  The last 4 years have been more than amazing. You are truly my greatest blessing from above and not a day goes by that I don't consider myself the luckiest mom in the world.  To my best boy, you are a dream come true!


meredith said...

LOVE THIS!!! oh happy day, WBB!!!! wish we could have been there to celebrate with you! :)
your mommy absolutely rocks!!!

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