Monday, February 28, 2011

A look at her nook...

I can't believe we only have about 22 days until we meet our precious little lady.  Although she doesn't have a room of her own, I must say her little nook is overflowing with frills, frocks, and fanfare.  It might be a tiny little space, but it is packed with love and I adore it. 

The only thing I am waiting on is the canvas that I needlepointed for her chair.  My friend is turning it into a pillow for me.  It is a whimsical canvas that says "BABY" and is full of the colors used in her bedding.  I made William a needlepoint "Baby Sleeping" door knocker when he was born, and I only saw it fitting that baby girl have a little heirloom of her own.

As I count down the days until her arrival, I relish the moments I feel her inside of me.  I also cherish these final days with just William.  There is something so bittersweet about the end of our family of three. 
I know my pregnancy will be over soon and I am forever in awe of God's gift.  I give thanks for answered prayers and covet the moments we will have together as a family of 4.  

William will be the best big brother.  He's so excited to meet his sister and practices turning her toys on and off.  He keeps asking how many days we have left until Big Brother Day and he hopes baby sister will love airplanes as much as he does.  

Great joy is coming!


krhjohns said...

love her bedding. and the abundance of red shoes :)

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