Monday, February 21, 2011

The Power of the Infomercial

I came downstairs this evening to find William on the couch watching a Disney show.  Out of nowhere came this random conversation:

William:  "Mom Mom, I really need a new sweeper."
Me: "Why do you need a new sweeper?"
William: "Well, it cleans better than a regular mop.  I want the AC Pro Mist."
Me: "What?  What is the AC Pro Mist?"
William: "It's a sweeper and you push a little button and the juice squirts out onto the floor and you move the sweeper over the juice.  It makes your floors sparkle better than a regular mop can."
Me: "oh, you don't say....."
William:  "yep.  I saw it on a commercial."


krhjohns said...

I love William. What a crack up.

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