Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another day at the airplane museum

Saturday afternoon we decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Maryland so William could visit the Maryland Aviation Museum.  We've been to this particular museum once before when Bebe and Pops came for a visit.  William seemed to really enjoy it and so we decided it was the perfect getaway on a hot weekend afternoon.
We got to the museum about an hour before it closed.  That was just fine because it isn't that big and we were the ONLY PEOPLE there!  The museum has a small kids area with flight costumes, coloring activities, blocks and airplane games.  William and Dan played a few computer games where you had to land planes and they also tried to build a biplane with some blocks (we think a few key pieces were missing).

William showed Adeline her very first biplane and he told her to climb aboard!  He sat in the pilot's seat for Adeline's first biplane trip!  He told me the flight was smooth and clear skies all around!
After we left the museum, we headed for Franklin's General Store for dinner.  They have a really fun old time general store that is FILLED TO THE BRIM with every trinket under the sun. 


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