Thursday, July 7, 2011


Today marks my sweet William's "half birthday."  That's half way to a whole hand - age 5.  I can't believe it.    In honor of the exciting occasion, William requested a colossal cupcake.  He reminded me of the big day about 10 times, and on the eve of July 7th, we set out to bake his celebratory cupcake.  We even made it a little patriotic to go with the half birthday month theme.

I could go on and on about how fast the time flies and how I am amazed he's already half way to 5.  But, I won't.  For now, I am savoring age 4 and the "half" that comes with it.  I am busy soaking up every single morsel of my little boy's happiness and catching snapshots of the remarkable person he's turning into.

It is truly my heart's delight to be this little guy's mom.


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