Friday, July 15, 2011

Play me like a fiddle - Good Night!

William had been up in bed for about 30 minutes when he called for me to come upstairs.

William (rather pathetic):  "Mom Mom my heart hurts.  I think it is broken."
Me:  "Oh, that is just terrible.  I am sorry."
William:  "Maybe if I just pat it softly, it will feel better.  Maybe I should ask Jesus to fix it."
Me:  "I am sure Jesus will be happy to fix your broken heart.  Do you feel ok?"
William:  "No, I don't feel very well (pathetic voice), but I think if you tell me a story, I will feel better."

So I tell a story about a guy named Dipple Dopper who lives in a castle with a red flag on top and a mote around the edges.  And how there were two mice in the castle who were eating all the food and Dibble Dopper caught them behind the cabinets trying to sneak a piece of cheese into a tiny hole in the wall.  And together the man and the mice shot a few cannons and sling shot some rocks at the knights trying to cross the mote.....but, don't forget about the alligators who were in the water while the draw bridge was going down.  The man and the mice won!

William:  "Well, that as a good story Mom Mom.  Thank you.  But I think my day is only half way better since you told the story.  I think if you tell me another story, my heart will be totally fixed and I can live."

Me:  "Good night William"


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