Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just Talkin' with WBB age 4.5

William: "Hey Mom, look at that car on the side of the road.  It's still there from this morning when we passed it earlier."
Me:  "Yep.  Looks like it broke down or ran out of gas."
William: "Well, I guess when you don't have a Iphone or a phone at your house and your car is over there on the road, all you can do is just pray."

William:  "How many years do I have left before I am an adult?"
Me: "About 14 more years before you turn 18 years old."
William:  "Oh really?  That is so frustrating.  I want to work at the extreme runway control tower in St. Barts and I can't do that for fourteeeeeeeen more yyyyyyyyeeears?  It would be a lot funner than being 4."

William:  "So Mom Mom, when Adeline was in your belly could she see your voice box and your blood?"

William:  "So Mom, when can we go to the hospital and get another baby for me?  My girl is getting so big.  We need to get 2 more babies so you have a baby, I have Adeline and Dada has a baby.  Then we don't have to share anymore.  We can each have our own baby.  Isn't that a good idea?"


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