Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adeline is 6 months old!

My precious doll baby is 6 months old.  Half a year.  Oh how you are growing way to fast for me!  I have enjoyed every single day with you and I am content knowing that I have absorbed every stage, every milestone, every smile, laugh and chubby ounce of you.  But time is passing way to quickly.  I say it every time, but I wish I could just freeze this moment with you.  I LOVE the baby stage and you have made this mama's journey priceless.
Adeline, you are 19 pounds and wear a size 4 diaper.  You wear 6-12 or 9-12 month clothing.  Your hair is turning light brown and your eyes have turned a darker shade of blue with some brown (hazel maybe?).  You still have two teeth, but you are drooling all the time and put your hand in the back of your mouth.  This makes me think that you are working on a few more teeth!  You roll from side to side, but I have not seen you do a complete roll over yet.  You also prefer to sit up whenever possible and now you don't need assistance! 
You go to bed at 6:30 p.m. and wake up between 4:30am and 5am.  If I give you 3 ounces of milk, you will usually go right back to sleep until 6-6:45am.  I don't mind still waking up.  I enjoy the quiet time with you and love to hold you and stare at your sweet, sleeping face.  It's one of the most peaceful times of my day.
You love to play in your exersaucer and yell at the toys.  I taught you to raise your arms in the air when you want to get "up" from playing or sitting somewhere.  I usually say, "UP! UP!" and then you make the motion with your arms to let me know you are ready.  You LOVE music and really have fun pounding on the Leap Frog learning table.  You can move some of the buttons to make the music, but you mostly enjoy watching the lights move around the table.  You belly laugh all the time and love it when I dance around the room bouncing you up and down while I sing a random song (Boom Boom Theta, When the Saints Go Marching In,  ABCs, etc). 
You also LOVE your baby dolls and I see some of your biggest smiles and loudest laughs when I dance the dolls in front of you.  You LOVE IT and holler with excitement.  You talk to your babies and poke their eyes to watch their eye lids open and close.  I think it's so cute that you love dolls because baby dolls were my most favorite toy as a little girl.  I have vivid memories of playing with my dolls and I still have them.  I am going to give them to you one day so that you can enjoy them as much as I did.

William is probably your favorite person in the world.  You look for him every morning and watch his every move while he plays airplanes and army guys.  We pick William up from school together and while we wait outside, I ask you "where's William?" and you look up with great big eyes.  Then when you see him running down the hill towards us, your whole face beams and you laugh when he gives you a big hug! 

One big milestone this month is BABY FOOD!  You find it incredibly delicious!  There is not one food you won't try and more often than not, you grunt and bang the tray in anticipation for more servings!  The first thing you tried was squash and your eyes lite up like, "wow, bring it on!"  You like bananas, pears, squash, peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes.  I let you off the hook on green beans - they look pretty yucky to me.  I can tell you like the food because milk bottles just weren't enough to keep you satisfied for a long stretch of time.  The rice cereal seems to be a winner and you lick the bowl clean every time!  So far, none of the foods have created an allergic reaction which I am grateful for.  I was holding my breath because of the eczema issue you have on your leg.  You have also shown interest in table food but I am sticking with the baby food for now and going slowly. As far as table food, I just give you graham cracker crumbs and you think those are DIVINE! 
One of my favorite things is when I am holding you and talking to someone at the same time.  You just stare up at me with the biggest smile on your face and listen to my voice.  When I bend over to kiss your nose, you giggle and bury your face in my shoulder.  When you wake up in the morning, you lean into my body like you are giving me a big hug.  I hug you back so tightly and you rest your head on my shoulder.  Sometimes I will be holding you while you play and all of the sudden you lean back on me and look up at my face with a huge grin.  Melts my heart every single time.
Adeline, you continue to light up our lives and make our hearts sing.  We love you beyond the stars.
6am - wake up
7:30/8am - 6 ounce bottle
9am - nap for 1-1.5 hours
10:30/45 - bowl of rice cereal and half a jar of baby fruit
1/1:30pm - 6 ounce bottle
3:30/4pm - small bowl of rice cereal and half jar of baby veggie
6:30pm - 6 ounce bottle and asleep for night
4am-5am - 3 ounce of milk


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