Saturday, September 10, 2011

WBB Just Talkin' age 4.5

William was riding in the car to a birthday party and we were having a casual conversation about what it means "to host" a party.  I explained that when you are the host, you are throwing the party for other people to enjoy.  I said that William was the guest and that the host for the party was the little girl's mom.

On our way to the party, we saw a wedding.

Me: "Oh William, look over there.  Those people are going into that church for a wedding."
William: "Oh yeah, I see it.  But what party are they going too?"
Me: "A wedding"
William:  "I know but who is the party for?  Do you think the host is inside with the presents?"
Me:  "Oh, well at wedding the host is usually the the bride's parents and everyone will go to a party after the bride and groom are married."
William:  "Mom, were you ever a bride? When was your party? I think I missed it"
Me:  "Yes, I was a bride.  Mommy wore a white dress and walked down the aisle to meet up with Dada.  Then we were married and Dada gave me a ring to wear everyday of my life."
William: "wow Ma Ma, every single day? That is a ton.  What happens if the ring gets lost because you are responsible all the time.
Me:  "I don't know.  I haven't lost it yet."
Me: "After we got married, we went to a big party and Pops and Bebe were the hosts."
William:  "I don't remember going to that party so that must have been before I was around. Did you have goodie bags?"
Me:  "Yes, it was 8 years ago."
William (after a huge gasp): "Well, 8 YYYYYEAAAARS ago?!  Geeze, that was way back in the olden days.  Did you have a car or ride a horse?"


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