Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Look out Junior K, WBB is on his way!

Today is William's first day of Junior Kindergarten at Grace Episcopal.  He woke up excited and ready to explore a new classroom, meet new teachers and make 7 new friends who joined his class this year.  Dada takes William to school in the mornings, so after a hearty breakfast the duo set out for Junior K.  Dada reported that William was fired up when they arrived.  He was polite and shook the Principal's hand before walking into his new classroom.  

Scrump-did-a-lee-umptous and I spent most of the morning watching the clock and wondering what William was doing every second.  We were chomping at the bit to pick William up and got to school 15 minutes early in great anticipation of his departure.

William walked out of the building like an old pro.  I asked him a million questions about his day and this is what I got:

  • the snack was cheese crackers "oh, it was cheese crackers and you couldn't see the cheese but they were the best cheese crackers ever."
  • he didn't get a turn in the costume area because there is only room for 5 people "maybe tomorrow I can have a turn and if not, I will ask the teacher for a turn."
  • "this is the best news ever mom!  In 7 days the teacher is going to get out the airplanes because she knows that I am the Junior K person who loves airplanes.  I can't wait."
  • the circle time rug is weird looking because the letters are upside down
  • the teacher rings a bell for a 5 minute warning that playtime is over.  "the 5 minutes are faster than you can blink your eyeballs"
  • three teachers - Ms. Holland, Ms. Fraiser, and "some other lady"
  • a preschooler thought his lunchbox was cool
  • he played at recess two times
And the highlight -

"Geeze.  I am so glad I don't have to go back to the preschool room.  I would have to start this whole school thing over again if I did that."


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