Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rackie Notes

Today was H.U.G.E. in William's world.  He got the "Rackie Note!"

Rackie the raccoon is a puppet who lives in a tree inside William's junior kindergarten classroom.  Every day, Rackie watches the children and writes a note to one child who's shown outstanding character, friendship, manners, sharing, etc. throughout that particular day.  In JK, the Rackie Note might as well be Christmas morning.  The kids are crazy about Rackie.

Today when I picked William up from school, he came marching down the hill without saying a word to me, but with THE BIGGEST GRIN on his face.  Seriously.  He put his book bag down, pulled out a piece of paper and with a smile as long as Heaven, he BEAMED while proudly opening up the paper. 
My best boy GOT THE RACKIE NOTE TODAY!  He looked right at me and reached out for a high five.  He was SO delighted Rackie noticed him.  I asked a million questions about how Rackie presented the note to him.  William said the class played a clothes game where everyone started out standing on the rug.  A teacher would say, "if you are wearing white, please sit down.  If you are wearing a pink hair bow, please sit down, etc."  As the kids started dropping to the floor, William was still standing!  He said, "it got close when it was just 3 people and I was so excited that I maybe got the Rackie note.  So, I just listened to the game and hoped so much!"  And, William was the last kid standing which meant the Rackie Note was FOR HIM!  He told me he jumped up and down a million times!  Apparently, the note was hidden by a cup of tea in the teacher's area, but William found it and Ms. Holland read it out loud for everyone to hear:

Dear William,

I like you.  I know I can always rely on you to follow the rules.  I can see that you always try to be a friend.  You take good care of my Jr. K toys and you listen to our teachers.  You are my kind of Junior K. student.


William reminded me that he received the Rackie Note on the 17th day of school and he said it would be a day he always remembers.  This proud Mama sure thinks Rackie picked the perfect person for his extra special note.  I love you WBB!

Adeline is super proud of her big bro too!


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