Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blumont Country Fair

The day we headed out for apple picking, we ran into our neighbor, Lisa.  She was headed to Blumont, VA for the Blumont country fair.  She showed us the flier for the event which included a children's fair, food vendors, train exhibit, and live music.  We thought it sounded fun so on Sunday we headed for Blumont!  Like I said, there is a ton to do in VA during the fall season.

Blumont is about an hour away and both the kids slept most of the ride (YEAH!).  We love to take the back roads through VA as much as we can, especially when we are heading to the country.  Blumont is out near the horse farms and the scenery is gorgeous.  There are rolling hills, big ol' farm houses, bright red barns and trees that form arches over the roads.  It is so easy to get caught up in the views.  The weather was fantastic - breezy, cool with a touch of sun.  

We got there about noon and even though the fields were packed with cars, it really didn't feel terribly crowded.  We waited only a minute in line for our tickets and decided to eat lunch first.  We picnicked over by the railroad tracks and William had fun climbing on the old caboose.
We ran into an EMT display and William got to board the ambulance and meet the rescue team.  He asked a million questions and earned a bright blue fire hat!
Next we hit the children's fair.  The first thing William wanted to do was get his face painted.  It had the longest line, but we moved pretty quick.  As we got to the front, he noticed that the face painter was a clown.  He looked at me in total disappointment and in a quiet voice said, "Mom, I don't like clowns."  I reassured him that the clown was only a person in a costume and showed him all the other children getting their faces painted.  I told him all the kids looked really happy which meant the clown was good person, not a scary character.  When it was William's turn he slowly walked up to the clown and asked for an airplane on his cheek.  The clown had never had an airplane request, but I think her first attempt was pretty good.  William was hoping for a jet engine plane, but I told him I thought the propellar plane looked like a real neat army plane.  He went with it.
Over in the corner was a rock wall.  LOTS of kids were in line to climb and out of nowhere, William said he wanted to try it.  Dan and I were so excited to hear his interest, so Dada took him over to wait in the line.  When it was William's turn, he walked right up to the instructor and put on the harness.....I was SO proud of him.  Last year, he would NOT EVEN CONSIDER attempting such an activity.  Dan and I were really thrilled that he was willing to give it a whirl because we both knew he'd really love it.  We reassured him that he didn't have to go all the way to the top, and told him to go as high as he wanted.

We estimate he climbed about 10-12 feet or so.  Adeline and I cheered him on from the sidelines and I could see the happiness in William's face as he got higher and higher.  He was so confident and proud.  I was thrilled!

Before we left the children's area, William fished for a prize and grabbed a red balloon for good measure.

We decided to walk over to the train display and check out the model trains.  After 3 hours of partying at the country fair, we ended the day with a scoop of ice cream.  

Adeline was a gem.  She rode in the stroller and took a few cat naps.  When we got to the general store for ice cream, she woke up to the loud band outside.  So, I took her out of the stroller and we danced on the sidewalk with William.  She loved it and just hooted and hollered the whole time.  

Thanks Blumont for making our Sunday a Funday!


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