Sunday, November 6, 2011

Last Day of School at Grace Episcopal

Friday, November 4th was William's last day at Grace Episcopal. He asked me if he could take a treat to all of his friends so they would remember him. He insisted on gummy fruit snacks - princesses for girls and Superman for the boys. He also asked me to attach a note so his buddies would know that they are his special friends. I thought it was really sweet that he came up with the idea all by himself and reminded me daily to buy the fruit snacks.

William was really proud to pass out his gifts and the teachers gave William a book and a card signed by all of his classmates. Although William beamed and probably thought it was cool that he got a present, I was deeply touched by this simple gesture of friendship. In that little moment, I saw how much his teachers and his friends love him.

When I picked William up from school, I braced myself for a few tears from my little boy. But, he surprised me and gave his friends a fond farewell.


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