Wednesday, October 31, 2012


On the way home from school, William and I had the following conversation:

W:  "Mom, so I go to middle school like grades 6, 7, and 8 and then I go to high school 9th though 12th, right?"

M:  "yes, that is right!"

W:  "but when do I go to college?"

M:  "you go to college after 12th grade.  you can go anywhere you want in the 50 states."

W:  "oh.....(goes quiet).  Mom, but do I have to buy a house first? i don't have enough money to go to college AND save up for my private jet.  where do I live when I do that?"

M:  "you live in a dorm.  it's like a small hotel room and you share it with another friend."

W:  "but I don't want to go to college and never see you again.  (tears up) you mean, you don't come with me to college?  it's like I have to go all by myself?  I don't even know how to wash my socks and I am not that good at making my bed.  I am working on it but...."

M:  "yes, isn't that exciting!  believe me, you won't want me to go to college with you.  but don't worry about it right now.  let's enjoy being 5 and going to kindergarten."

W:  "Mom, I have a great idea.  I am going to go to a college that is close to our house and that way I can come home and see you.  what are a few colleges that are by 24th street?"

M:  "well, you have ORU and Tulsa University."  "ORU is right by Holland Hall and Tulsa University is closer to where Dada works."

W:  "ok then.  It's an easy choice.  ORU is way too far away so I will go to Tulsa University since it is closer to 24th street where you live.  Can Adeline come live at college with me?

M:  "no buddy.  I am sorry.  Adeline has to live at our house and then when she's old enough for college, she can pick anywhere she wants to go.  Just like you."

W:  "oh mannnnnn.  (on the verge of crying).  That makes me so sad.  She's my best friend and I can't go to college without her.  So I don't think I will go at all."


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