Saturday, March 23, 2013

Anna Elizabeth is 6 months old!

Anna Baby!  You are 6 months old...half way to your first birthday!  What a joy you are to our lives.

At 6 months old, you wear a size 6-9 month clothing and a size 4 diaper.  I can squeeze you into a size 3 diaper, but I don't think it will last much longer.  Your eyes are a sparkling blue and your hair is still a mystery.  You drink a 6-8 ounce bottle.

You started baby food this month!  The first time we gave you rice cereal, you loved it.  You were ready for more than just a milk bottle, so you welcomed baby food!  You gobbled up every single spoonful and kicked your legs for more!  As is tradition, William gave you the first taste of rice cereal just had he did for Adeline.  It was only right that you eat the first bite off a silver spoon.  Only the best for the Barron ladies! 

So far, you like squash, sweet potato, rice cereal with applesauce and peas.  I have started alternating your daytime feedings too.  So, one feeding you get the baby food and then the next feeding you get a full bottle.  It's working out well and before you go to bed, I give you a few spoonfuls of cereal before your night bottle.  Ever since starting baby food, you seem more satisfied after meals and you can go a long time between feedings.  I am so glad you loved baby food from the start and I hope we don't find any allergies along the way!

Another highlight at 6 months is A TOOTH!  Bless your heart.  You have been chewing and chewing on all of your toys just trying to work those gums.  And today while you were sucking on my knuckle, I felt a tooth!  Sure enough, it is poking through the gums. Your first tooth is on the bottom front.  I can't wait to see if more pearly whites begin to appear now that we have one tooth to celebrate. 

You are full of great milestones this month Anna.  You can sit up and each day you are getting stronger.  I still put a pillow behind you to support your back, and sitting up is definately the pose you prefer.  You can see everyone around you and you LOVE to lock your eyes on William and Adeline.  You track their every move around you and sitting up allows you to grab toys too.  You like anything you can put in your mouth (surprise!) and you like toys that make noise like your rattles, crinkle books and shakers. 

You also LOVE LOVE LOVE to be carried.  Being up high on my hips gives you a birds eye view of the world and entertains you forever.  You still like to sit in the body carrier facing forwards.  This can wear you out because your head is constantly turning and looking around.  I also put you in your seat in stroller without using the infant carrier.  You REALLY like this.  I think you are more comfortable and you will sit in your seat forever without making a peep.  Adeline loves to sit beside you and tell you about everything she sees as we walk along. She introduces you to everyone and says, "This Anna!" and points over to your seat.  I am thankful you like to ride in the stroller because when the weather is nice, I can't wait to take my girls out for walks.

Anna, you are the delight of my heart.  I still replay your birthday in my mind every single day.  It is simply the third best day of my life.  What a true miracle.  You complete my life in some many ways and I am forever thankful for the chance to hold you and love you.

Happy 6 months my sweet Anna Baby!


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