Saturday, March 30, 2013

William's Easter party at school

Thursday afternoon was William's Easter party at school.  It was fun and quick.  At 1:30 the kids lined up on the edge of the playground with their Easter sacks.  Each child was to find 6 eggs, each one a different color.  William was so excited.  From the starting line, he could spot 3 eggs and he was on the edge of his seat to run after them! 

When his teacher gave the signal, William was off!  He raced around the playground and found his 6 eggs in record time.  He was delighted and it was fun to watch him help his buddies find their eggs too. 

The kids played a little before heading back inside for Easter donuts.  Right before I left, William asked if he could hold Anna on the rug and have me take a picture.  He told me he really wanted to Anna to have a picture of herself as a baby in Kindergarten.  So that is exactly what we did!


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